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It doesn’t get much more exciting than this…

A new bird! One I have never seen before! Just after I fed the chicken-goat, and filled all the bird feeders I glanced outside and there was a reddish sparrow on the ground under the feeder. I knew it was … Continue reading

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I’ll be right here until Spring!

Actually, since Orion does not allow me to sleep in my own bed after about 7 am, I let the dogs out and then decided to try to catch some extra zzzzs on the couch. Ashlee was over and she … Continue reading

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What a great feeling…

The People (and I capitalized that on purpose) have made their message known. Don’t extort us. Don’t obstruct us. Don’t patronize us. In fact, far right wing religious fanatic republicans, kiss our asses. Oh, you want to go all “compromise” … Continue reading

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I feel better now!

I got ahold of my mom and dad and my aunt is doing great. What they thought was a tumor was a herniated disk. Win win! Also, Ashlee just posted this on her Facebook and it has done away with … Continue reading

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Blergh, elections….and Sailor Babo’s sticker!

I hate this waiting. How can a country be almost evenly and rabidly divided when my side is obviously correct. Haha. That was a joke. But, well… I definitely need more wine. Happy Election Eve, everybody! Here is Babo’s election … Continue reading

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November, eh?

Well, you can thank Shutterfly for me being here making a post. I clumsily managed to upload 450 Oregon pictures from my computer. I had to sneakily make a new file, save it on my C drive and trick Shutterfly … Continue reading

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