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Some pictures from the lake

Hi! The rain has started. Apparently we are to get a lot of rain over the next 24 hours. My gardens will be happy. Getting the kayaks ready to head north. They stayed on fine, but the wind was really … Continue reading

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Super duper awesome flower that I found today!

I stopped into the garden center to get some bug spray. And I found the most awesome flower of the summer! It’s a Black-and-blue Salvia! I’m just gaga over it! 🙂 The stalks are black, the flowers blue and the … Continue reading

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Optional Title- Memorial Weekend

Hi, guys! I just returned this afternoon from my parents’ cabin at the lake in north Michigan. It’s a wonderful place. My two sons and oldest son’s wife and my hubby all made it up for the weekend, along with … Continue reading

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I’m pretty excited.

I finished my gardens in the front of the house. And got a ton of vegetable gardening done, too. And went to yoga FOUR times in the last three weeks. I’m on a roll, folks. I found a medium toad … Continue reading

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I found a Blorp in my flowers. Blorpiest treefrog ever.

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All kind of weird…

Hello! I am feeling weird today. Feeling at loose ends, I guess. I’m tired but I don’t want to rest. I want to work in the garden but I’m too tired. It’s a beautiful day and I just know I’m … Continue reading

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