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Here’s the other view of the Alien You-Know-What

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Howdy Hi!

Well, it’s now Thursday, June 28th. Wow. I haven’t felt much like posting, but after a day off work, and a 5 mile bike ride (in the gym…too hot and too many biting flies outside) AND the Affordable Health Care … Continue reading

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It’s Monday

I have worked the last six days in a row, so it feels like a Friday to me. I’ll just get one day off tomorrow and then work three more. No complaining here, though, I get over a week off … Continue reading

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It’s the Blanding’s Turtle Migration!

Approximately 20 years ago we found a Blanding’s Turtle laying eggs beside our driveway. We were super excited because they are an endangered species. Aaron found the babies just as they were hatching so we were able to see them … Continue reading

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Holy crap, I am completely losing my mind. This morning I grabbed my purse to go to yoga and noticed it felt strangely light. I looked inside. My freaking WALLET was not in there. I quickly ran around the house … Continue reading

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Lazy lazy lazy.

Wow, I don’t feel like moving today. I did get my vegetable garden all planted on Tuesday. And then pulled a bunch of weeds…big old suckers, out of one of the flower beds. That aggravated my abdominal muscle pull, so … Continue reading

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Guess who showed up in the chicken house today?

Please excuse the chicken poop. Yes, it’s Poppy. She’s home. And she has at least 8 babies with her. Darn cute little things!

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