The PotCats are sprouting.

Miss Luna Marie Tuna Toes was adopted from the county animal shelter six years ago. She loves having a home and being a house cat. She rarely goes outside. When she does, she sleeps in this plant pot on the back porch. Then she goes back inside. Miss Lu loves her life.


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This is Blorp.

It has been so cold this spring that I thought Blorp, the frog, would like a swimming pool in the middle of my fishpond. The water can warm up faster in there. Looks like it worked!

It’s still super cold today and I want to wash my window screens, so I am going to put them in the shower!


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Time to spruce up the blog for spring.

I’ll get my header and background pics changed. And since I said “Spruce up”…I’ll see if I have any pine tree pics. :P

We had 3 beautiful days….went on two long, lovely bike rides. Got my fishpond and garden around the pond cleaned and weeded. Now, the it’s blowing and freezing and snowing!

‘Tis April!

IMG_4551Here is Orion helping Ken measure for a shed he is building to house our new generator. And, lo and behold, there are some spruce trees. I amooose myself.

IMG_4552The maple blossoms this year are insanely huge. This much be why I have had a horrendous allergy attack this spring. Allegra is helping out a lot!

IMG_4553Crabby alpaca face when he wants to be let out of his pasture.

IMG_4570Happy pacs grazing in the backyard! Happy spring to one and all!

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I posted these pictures on Facebook….

So, the least I can do is to share them here! I must do better at posting!

It’s been a cold March, but some grass is sprouting. Strong and Nugget have been eating every blade in their pasture, so I have started letting them out into the backyard to graze so their pasture grass has a chance to grow.

IMG_4537When I want them to come back in to their pasture, I get a pan of alpaca pellets, which they love. Here they come running for pellets.

IMG_4542And chowing down.

IMG_4548We had a sunny day about a week ago and the dogs loved that! Soon it will start to warm up!

A Three Dog Porch!

IMG_4534There, that wasn’t too difficult! Happy Easter weekend, everyone!

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Wow, we lucked out.

Ken and I just returned from a 5 day cruise on Saturday. Saturday night a huge snowstorm started. It snowed all night, all day Sunday and finally stopped sometime early Monday morning. It looks like we got well over a foot of snow. If we had to fly home on Sunday it would have not been good.

It’s now 9 degrees. Brrrrrr. I have to go to the grocery store. Good thing our driveway is plowed.  I’ll have to find my tallest boots to get out to feed the chicks and ‘pacas.

I have a cold which developed on the way home so I feel sort of floaty and blech.

And I came downstairs this morning to find that Ellie had opened a cupboard and ate an entire box of unfrosted blueberry Poptarts. Yes, I love those. And they are hard to find. I was shocked to find them at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. And now they are in Ellie’s stomach. I’ll definitely be warming up the car and taking Ellie and Shel with me to the grocery store. She is way too wound up after being at the kennel for the week.

Alright, off to the store. It should be an adventure!

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Some outdoor pics!

Yes, two posts in one day. Imagine that. Here’s a few pics of the alpacas and al-chick-as.


My newest chicks. Just started laying eggs in December! Such nice eggs, too! The first chick is Pearl and the other five look identical, so they are the Isa Browns.


Country Strong.


Nugget. (Nuggnugg)


In the alpaca porch.


Archimedes (l), who is a girl, and Sanjaya. These two are the oldest chicks I have!


Little Jerry (youngest chicken around) and Archimedes.

And, finally, an alpaca coming and an alpaca going. Time for a nap for me! ;)


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Time for a post!

Good day! It’s the end of January. Sheesh! The months go by as fast as weeks used to go.

I bought a two gallon watering can for my indoor plants. It still took me ten trips to water them all. This is definitely a sign I have too many houseplants! I do move them outside in the summer, but still…


Here are just a few of the plants….with Gree and Stringbean.

I found nice dog beds at the grocery store for $14.99 each! So we bought four. All very much dog approved.


Sheldon doing frog legs.



Ok, time to have some lunch and feed the alpacas and chickens! I need to get some more pics of those guys.

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Merry Merry Christmas!

I am worn out. We had a ham dinner here at 12:30 pm for all of my kids and their SOs and my mom and dad and my sis, her husband and three kids. Then we opened presents with Ashlee and Ross, since they had to leave to go to the other side of the state.

I started working on the main course for dinner tomorrow at my parents’. There will be 19 people there tomorrow and I will send the fixin’s for dinner over there with Adam and Sarah while I work tomorrow.

I hope it’s a slow day at work. Usually people don’t start coming into the ER until after noon…so we first shifters may luck out. Or not. ;)

Anyway, I’ll post pics some other time. I have to get the meat pies cooking and then go to BED. I got two lovely cuddly pairs of pjs from the kids and I can’t wait to try them out! And after this coming week I think I will just live in pjs for about a month.

Happy happy holidays! Love from me!

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And it just keeps getting better…

Orion leg lamp with stocking

Now with fishnet stocking! :)

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LOL Capn Stephel!

She’s a genius!!!

Orion lamg leg

Thanks, Stephel, this gave me a great laugh this morning!

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