November Posta


Wow. It was exactly October 2nd last time I posted. I had a very strong urge to come and post today, after seeing so many posts by peeps! Things are good. I may even be having a manic moment. Being in a rather unusually good mood. It’s been awhile.

You know those life things that knock your legs out from under you? They take months and months, to years and years, to get over. Brother going to prison. Been almost two years, so recovering from that shock.

Daughter getting a divorce. Been close to a year, and she’s doing great, so getting my legs back under me from that. Becoming a grandma. Been 7 weeks, 6 hours. Not counting or anything! ;)

Six months ago I was having a horrible time with Irritable Bowel. I had been on drugs for a couple of years and had all the tests and the docs were saying “Eat more fiber and take Imodium.” Thanks, Docs. None of it was helping. So, I somehow found info online about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. SCD. No grains. No sugar. No rice. No oats. No potatoes. The diet claimed to work for in the 90 percentile of  people with severe ulcerative colitis. I started the diet. Eggs, bananas, butternut squash, meat. …..oh my god ….so much meat.  My daughter called me the Anti-vegetarian. I couldn’t eat any fresh fruits or veggies.

Four days after starting the diet, I went off my opiate anti-diarrhea meds that I had been on for two years. I went off my prescription N-said, that I had been on for five years for joint and muscle pain. It’s been six months. I haven’t taken those drugs since. The diarrhea stopped. My gut is healed and I have very very gradually added many foods back in to my diet. Potatoes. Thank god for potatoes. I have lost 24 pounds and am really feeling good.

Ok, enough about bowels.

I was so fortunate to have my tiny grandson spend the night a couple of weeks ago. He was so darned cute and good! Here’s a picture of my couch, loaded with dogs, cats and Camden and Grandma.

Cammie and grandma and dogs

And, here’s the little dude at six weeks old, waving his fists around!Cam 6 weeks

What an incredibly beautiful autumn it has been! This week it’s supposed to be around 70 degrees every day! Wow!

Ok, that’s all fer now, folks!

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Flowers always look best in September

I found the flower pictures…..on my phone. I had already moved them to the computer and lost them, so I moved them again and am now going to quickly post them before they disappear again. Lol.

My butterfly bush bloomed late this year.

Butterfly bush

My flower pots always look great just before the frost.Flowers in pots

This Brazilan Plume flower has bloomed every year for the last six years. I’m pretty proud of myself.
Brazilian plumeflower

My Fairy Garden, with a Petoskey stone in the front of it.
Fairy garden

And, ornamental grass, plus dogs!

Ellie with grass

Ellie and O with grass


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October the First

Hai, hai!

Um, I took some flower pictures to post, and I lost them. They have disappeared…..maybe they will show up somewhere. But, Aaron just sent me this picture of Camden and Leo. That will have to do. :D

Cammie and Snout

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A Momentous Event

Truly, a momentous event has me actually posting!

I have become a Grandma! On September 14, 2015, my grandson, Camden Aaron, was born! His poor mama had to have a C section. But, mom, baby and dad are all doing great, and so are grandma and grandpa. It really is an amazing thing to see one of your children becoming a parent. My son, Aaron, is madly in love with this little boy. He’s changing diapers and giving bottles like a champ, while Laura recovers from her C section.



IMG_4741IMG_4747IMG_4751Good lord. I can’t get the pics in the order that I wanted them. Also, this is now all underlined and highlighted. Hmmmm……what the heck? Also, I have yet to get a decent picture of myself with Mr. Cammie. I am such a spaz whenever I am in a picture. LOL.

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This girl….

This furchild is Ellie Claire and she is two years old today. Which feels really strange because I could swear she has been with us forever.

Look at those eyes. All of our labs and lab-mixes, Becky, Vinnie, Chip, and Reuben, live in those eyes. Their spirits go on and on.  And, that’s the best thing ever. :D

Soon I will post an actual update about what has been going on for the past year. I know you are all on the edge of your seats. (Yes, getting up to get a snack and a drink.) :D

Birthday Ellie Claire

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Oh, FB.

Sigh. I have definitely become too involved on stupid Facebook. And, now I have gotten into a word war with a guy who is married to one of my best friends.

I posted a photo of a native American and it said something about the “genocide” of the Native Americans by Europeans was a worse genocide than Nazi Germany’s genocide.  Well….he takes umbrage at that, and I can see why. But, the point was that Native Americans were treated crappily, and have been for hundreds of years. I can agree that maybe “genocide” was too rough a term….but, if you were on the Trail of Tears I think you might have felt like you were being genocided.

So, my point here is to say, f*ck you, FB, for making arguments like this too easy.

Now, do I block him because he’s name-calling? On most points he is a rational person. Sigh.

Ah, first world internet problems.

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The Alpacas Have Finally Been Sheared!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

It was a bit of a chore getting my two boys sheared this year. A guy had committed to coming out and shearing them in early May. The day of the shearing I talked to him. He was going to be late. Fine. He never showed. I called a couple more times….never answered his cell phone, never showed, never called back. True professionalism.

I scrambled to get another shearer. This company shears alpacas all over the continental US. They promised to get me in, but it would have to wait until they came back from out west.

Finally, today, they made it!  Strong and Nugget were not happy campers. The guys are super gentle with them, but alpaca brains are not huge. They spit and peed and hollered through the shearing.

Before pic.

IMG_4581Beginning. Beginning NugBeginning Strong1During.

During StrongDuring NugAnd, finally, after!!! It only took about 15 minutes to shear each alpaca. And they immediately got up and started eating.


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More June….it’s the Solstice!

We’ve been having beautiful days, lately. So much rain, the first of the month, but now we have had several sunny days in a row. I was just out trying to pull the weeds (rainforest height, actually) but in the direct sun it was too dang hot, so I’m in here messing about on the computer.

Ken and I went to Las Vegas a week ago. It was lots of fun. Good shows, good food, good drink and we won $70 the one time we played Black Jack.

Went up in the new giant Ferris wheel… has cabs like the London Eye, and our cab had a bar and bar tender. Wheeee!

Bar High RollerHigh roller avenueLauri and KenWe put our drinks down for this picture. :P

We stayed at the Bellagio…they always have awesome displays in their atrium.

VegasThen, after we got home from Vegas, several co-workers and I went on a bike ride near Lansing. We had forgotten the torrential rains of the weekend before, so we found many parts of the trail underwater.

It was a fun ride, wading, pedaling, or climbing over railroad tressles to get around the paths.

10354073_1435580476764759_7338073482253166418_nMy friend, Melissa is in the foreground, I am in the background.

10494830_1435580336764773_3511909393019031089_nMy friend, Caroline, peddling through puddles. 10672223_1435580653431408_5470318045367782953_nAnother friend going under the bridge!

A fine time was had by all!

We even stopped at a playground to climb around for awhile.

IMG_0027 (2)They didn’t have playgrounds like this when we were kids!

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Happy June, Vox Friends.

Hmm….I should say WordPress friends, but it’s always about Vox to me. It’s still cool here, which is a good thing since our alpaca shearer won’t be here until the third week of June. The boys have been comfy and cool with our more-like-April-weather.

Ashlee has had two new babies this spring. Two weeks ago Rowdy made his appearance. He’s adorable! Rowdy Rowdy and AshleeRowdy and AshleeRowdy giving Ashlee a kiss. Actually, she said he was trying to nurse on everything but Mama. He has it figured out, now!

And yesterday, a beautiful gray baby girl!

Chile's babyNo name for this cutie, yet. Her mama is Haychile and her dad is Candyman.

It’s June, so the Martians are invading…in the form of my Alliums. I love these guys.

IMG_4619See how the one has sent up an antenna? I don’t know what it’s seeking, but it’s looking for something!

My awesome mini-rose survived the minus 25 degree nights and is blooming along with my ajuga.

IMG_4616Ellie had a great time at the lake Memorial Weekend as Adam and Sarah and two of their friends and families came north to help my mom and dad put the docks and boats in! It was a great weekend.

IMG_4589 IMG_4611So that is how the summer begins. Hopes yours is going well!

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The PotCats are sprouting.

Miss Luna Marie Tuna Toes was adopted from the county animal shelter six years ago. She loves having a home and being a house cat. She rarely goes outside. When she does, she sleeps in this plant pot on the back porch. Then she goes back inside. Miss Lu loves her life.


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