I’m posting, I’m posting!

It’s May 6! It’s one of the first nice days of the spring. I took some pictures outside and will now post them.

I love dandelions. When they grow on the paths in the back of our property I feel like I am walking on a path of stars. I know I say this every year.๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_5373And, like I always say, there’s a dog butt in every picture!

This lovely lady and many of her friends are in our front yard every evening. IMG_5359I took a picture of the Babos hiding in the dandelions. Their eyes make them disappear. IMG_5363Here is where the dogs were standing while I took the Babo picture.

IMG_5364One more. This is Ellie in her “Hippo Hole”. She loves to run down here and wallow in the mud. The reason I have queen comforters on all my furniture and they get washed frequently! Happy Spring, everyone!



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It’s the first day of spring. It’s pretty chilly, here. The sun is gorgeous. There have been warmer days when the frogs are singing. My front yard was covered with crocus for a couple of days. So pretty!

The birds are singing their spring songs.

It’s been a fine winter. Mild. Just a couple of snowstorms. No really bitter temps. No complaints at all.

I have three baby goats coming to live with us sometime in May! I am getting them from a Nigerian Dwarf dairy farm in Michigan. The mama goats have the babies so they can make milk and I am going to take three of the baby boys, who might go to a butcher, otherwise. It will be great fun to have goats again! The dairy farmer emailed me that one of my boys was born last week. The other two should be any time now.

Here’s a picture that my son just messaged me.

Cammie/Roonie is six months old, now. It’s unbelievable how much they change in one year.


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Hi, dear Peeps!

I have enjoyed everyone’s posts. Thank you for posting while I was lacking the motivation to do so!โค

Two weeks after my horrible cold went away, it came back! Luckily it was while I had two days off in a row, so I spent those two whole days on the couch. It was AWFUL.

I survived, but still sniffing. (and still whining, apparently)๐Ÿ˜€

Except for the cold, it’s been a good month and a half. Ken and I went on a five day cruise, stopping at Cozumel for great snorkeling and Key West for a three hour bike trip in a mini-hurricane. Lol. It was fun….the temperature was 75 F. and we had raincoats, but we still ended up soaked to the bone!



The view from our ship in Cozumel

Key West Mile Zero

Key West Bike Ride

Since then it’s just been work and taking care of Cammie. I’m so glad that his mom and dad are so generous with him. He gets to spend the night every week or two!

He’s coming Friday for the night.


Obligatory Cammie Blowing Bubbles Picture


And, we had our second snow of the year! It’s been so mild this year! Going down to single digits tonight and tomorrow. But, it’s winter!:)

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print, for now!

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Mrs. Pennyapple is staying with us.

Before Ashlee’s move, I brought Mrs. P up here to stay at our house. She was in declining health, getting old, and seemed to be having small strokes or seizures.

Since being here she has rebounded. She’s put weight back on and is doing great. I’m sure it’s just all part of the cycle. She was getting perfect care at Ashlee’s, too.

Anyway, here is Mrs. P waiting in her plastic bin to have her cage cleaned.

Mrs. P

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Bird news is exciting. (To me).

Over Christmas we kept Ashlee’s dog, Leela. She must have a touch of hound in her, because if she realizes she is “free”…no fence, no leash, she takes off in huge (quarter mile) circles of sniffing bliss. She is only gone for 10 minutes or so, but nothing can stop her or catch her until she is done. Needless to say, we freak out, because she would run right in front of a car.

Adam and Sarah were coming into the house and Leela spotted her chance. She was out the door and down the driveway and into the Nature Preserve in seconds.

While we ran and called like lunatics….all of us running through the snow in whatever we had on our feet, I looked up and way way up in the sky I saw a pair of swans flying. So, while everyone else is yelling “Leela!” I am yelling “Swans!!!”

This is not my picture, but it’s close to what we saw.


Second bird story….
I had read years ago that there is a population of robins that do not migrate, but stay here in the north all winter. They survive by eating berries and crabapples. Yesterday, for the first time, I had an entire flock of “winter” robins in my Snowdrift Crabapple tree. They stayed and chowed down the entire time I was outside feeding chickens and filling birdfeeders! Yay!

Also, not my picture!

Misty robin

Thus endeth the bird stories.:)

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Happy New Year!

Good grief! I am in here with a New Year salutation on January 11th. Well, it’s been a busy past three weeks.

Holidays were good. I managed to come down with a horrible cold on the Wednesday before Christmas. I worked Wednesday with a gauze pad stuffed up my nose so that it wasn’t dripping down my face all day. My co-workers loved having me around. Luckily I worked in Microbiology so that when my work was finished I could leave. (And oh, how they begged me to leave!)

Thursday and Friday, Christmas eve and day, I was better…..felt rather crappy, but at least didn’t spend the days with anything stuck up my nose. But, I made everyone stay far away from me, so that they wouldn’t get sick.

I worked Saturday and Sunday. The cold was miserable and I looked like The Walking Dead. Seriously. I couldn’t call in on the weekend between Christmas and New Year, but I’m sure everyone wished I had. Thursday and Friday were better. The cold got better from there on out. Saturday morning, Jan 2nd, I headed down to help Ashlee move from her house (which is now sold! YAY!) and into a rental house closer to her job and in a really nice area of Lakewood. (Just west of Cleveland). I don’t know how many carloads of stuff we moved, between Ashlee, Anthony, and myself…but it was a lot. Then Monday the movers came to move her big stuff in. I stayed Monday to help have someone at each location and to make sure the dog and cats were safe during the move. I drove home Monday night.

Wednesday Ken and I went and picked up Camden, (grandson) since his mom had surgery to remove a cyst from her tailbone. She couldn’t bend or lift him for a few days, so he stayed with us. He is the best little dude. Eats, sleeps, diapers changed, repeat. He gets a bit cranky with you take his bottle out to burp him halfway through. YOu need earplugs for that one! Anyway, once Aaron got out of work on Friday, I took Cammie back home. His mom and dad had missed him terribly. It was so cute to see how anxious they were to get him back.

Here’s Cammie having a nap in his carseat, with his dinosaur feets.Sleeping Dinosaur Feet

Cammie and Jaguar

And, here, he’s checking out his jaguar puppet from his play chair. Yes, I put that monstrosity together. It looked pretty intimidating, but really only took me 40 minutes.

He’s just a bit too young for it, but soon he’ll be bouncing and grabbing at everything!

Needless to say, the Christmas tree is still up. That will be coming down today and tomorrow! I think all the busy-ness has ended for now…..I’m sure something else will come up.

Hope everyone is doing good!๐Ÿ˜€



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My Window Tree

M—–l inspired me to post my tree. It’s in our boxbay window. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is in the tree.

And red sleds made from popsicle sticks….my grandpa made them for the entire family when he was in his 80s and 90s.

And, of course, a picture of the little dude on the couch.๐Ÿ˜€Christmas treeCammie on couch

Ken took the picture of Couch Cammie. His came out much better than mine did.๐Ÿ˜€

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ID Badge Show and Tell

IDOk, here is mine. It’s blurry and look at the background! Lol. That is the pull out slide on my computer desk and it looks like that because I have used a mouse on it with no mouse pad for decades.

This is typical me. Silly smirk, limp, practically non-existent hair, and not giving a hoot.

So, Christmas fast approaches, the WP snow is falling on my spring background and header (I’ll change those right now). Boxes from Amazon and Etsy are flowing in every day. I’ll be ready when I have to be and not one second before. Meh.

Our Plecostamus, The Kraken, lived outside in the goldfish pond all summer. As it got colder I finally brought him inside and put him in our 50 gallon tank for the winter. He got some ich spots, so I have been treating the water and finally bought a new heater for the tank. I think he might survive. Crossing my fingers. He’s been with us quite awhile and I would hate to lose him. I bought him a few different types of algae food and today is the first day I have seen him eating. So there’s hope!

Cammie (grandson) spent the night on Saturday night. He sure is a sweetie. Let’s see…..Cammie and dog pics.



Apparently I had the camera pointed at his feet, and we have a forced perspective Bigfoot picture!

I hope you are all doing well!:)

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November Posta


Wow. It was exactly October 2nd last time I posted. I had a very strong urge to come and post today, after seeing so many posts by peeps! Things are good. I may even be having a manic moment. Being in a rather unusually good mood. It’s been awhile.

You know those life things that knock your legs out from under you? They take months and months, to years and years, to get over. Brother going to prison. Been almost two years, so recovering from that shock.

Daughter getting a divorce. Been close to a year, and she’s doing great, so getting my legs back under me from that. Becoming a grandma. Been 7 weeks, 6 hours. Not counting or anything!๐Ÿ˜‰

Six months ago I was having a horrible time with Irritable Bowel. I had been on drugs for a couple of years and had all the tests and the docs were saying “Eat more fiber and take Imodium.” Thanks, Docs. None of it was helping. So, I somehow found info online about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. SCD. No grains. No sugar. No rice. No oats. No potatoes. The diet claimed to work for in the 90 percentile ofย  people with severe ulcerative colitis. I started the diet. Eggs, bananas, butternut squash, meat. …..oh my god ….so much meat.ย  My daughter called me the Anti-vegetarian. I couldn’t eat any fresh fruits or veggies.

Four days after starting the diet, I went off my opiate anti-diarrhea meds that I had been on for two years. I went off my prescription N-said, that I had been on for five years for joint and muscle pain. It’s been six months. I haven’t taken those drugs since. The diarrhea stopped. My gut is healed and I have very very gradually added many foods back in to my diet. Potatoes. Thank god for potatoes. I have lost 24 pounds and am really feeling good.

Ok, enough about bowels.

I was so fortunate to have my tiny grandson spend the night a couple of weeks ago. He was so darned cute and good! Here’s a picture of my couch, loaded with dogs, cats and Camden and Grandma.

Cammie and grandma and dogs

And, here’s the little dude at six weeks old, waving his fists around!Cam 6 weeks

What an incredibly beautiful autumn it has been! This week it’s supposed to be around 70 degrees every day! Wow!

Ok, that’s all fer now, folks!

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Flowers always look best in September

I found the flower pictures…..on my phone. I had already moved them to the computer and lost them, so I moved them again and am now going to quickly post them before they disappear again. Lol.

My butterfly bush bloomed late this year.

Butterfly bush

My flower pots always look great just before the frost.Flowers in pots

This Brazilan Plume flower has bloomed every year for the last six years. I’m pretty proud of myself.
Brazilian plumeflower

My Fairy Garden, with a Petoskey stone in the front of it.
Fairy garden

And, ornamental grass, plus dogs!

Ellie with grass

Ellie and O with grass


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