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Guess who is back?

Bob and Sandy Crane!!! I was feeling blue because today was two weeks since Calli died. I did some retail therapy. Bought a birdfeeder and some toys for the cats, dogs and kids. 🙂 Came home to blog about my … Continue reading

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A Fun Quick Trip

A friend and I zipped over to Chicago for a couple of days. We took the train out of Lapeer, Michigan at 7 am on Monday. Arrived in Chicago around noon. Our aim was to see the Vivian Maier photography … Continue reading

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Bacon Mistake

I made up an entire pound of super crispy bacon…and I only needed 3 strips for my recipe. What shall I do with the rest?… ……omnomnom…..

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Bassett Hounds on a Beach…

Thanks to fatcat for sharing this link…’s hilarious!  

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Dear Friends…

I stayed home from work today….I called in sick, but really did make myself a bit sick from grief. But as one of you said “grieving for them is one of the gifts we can give them” and I am … Continue reading

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It’s done.

Calli’s back legs gave out today. She was unhappy about not being able to walk and she had quit eating except for cheese chunks and hotdog chunks and some ham from my salad. She and I sat out in the … Continue reading

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Blackjack goes to bed.

I’ve been wanting to share this true story and today is a good day to do so. Two years ago my friends were going through the process of losing their old dog. Blackjack was a black lab, well-loved and loving. … Continue reading

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Seismological readings in the U.S.

This is how interconnected we all really are on this planet. Look at this graph of readings minutes to hours after the earthquake in Japan. The dots turn red when the ground is rising, blue when it’s sinking. It’s measured … Continue reading

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Thank you all for your warm words. I treasure them and they made me feel so good all day at work today. The anti-vomiting meds and the pain meds did wonders for Cal today. So, no action is being taken. … Continue reading

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My Good Big Old Dog

It’s getting down near the end, it seems, for Calli, our good old 11 3/4 year old Great Dane. There are possible masses in her abdomen and chest and her back legs just don’t want to keep up with the … Continue reading

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