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A Late Summer Surprise

Lemonpepper was my favorite chick from last year’s surprise hatching by Crazy Toni. So when she disappeared 3 weeks ago I felt bad. However, one day during feeding I spotted a bedraggled Lemonpepper come sprinting out of the tall grass … Continue reading

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What a well-written article…

and completely enjoyable for those of us who shudder at the thought of god-crazy people trying to get into the White House. Kathleen Parker from the Washington Post is well worth reading… Read the entire column here: Excerpt “And … Continue reading

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Poop on a stick.

The other half of the peach tree crashed to the ground today. I had picked two buckets of peaches (after work) and was slicing them and freezing them, then went back out to look around the trees and smoosh. The … Continue reading

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Busy weekend and the peach tree has a sad!

Brother-in-law and wife from Japan are here for their annual visit. All my kids made it home this weekend so we could all get together with them and mother-in-law. And, in the midst of all that my friend Cathy and … Continue reading

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Murray for President!

Ok, I was having a conversation (via chat) with Ashlee about presidential candidates and we both agreed that Murray (her brain cell challenged cat) would make a smarter candidate than Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry. Here is Murray’s campaign poster… … Continue reading

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Well, what the hell…

I am exhausted. Third day of crazy computer training, learned a new computer geek word which is really stupid. “Dithered”. Which means the icon isn’t highlighted. I think that’s the stupidest word I have ever heard. It’s not undithered when … Continue reading

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My most recent “favorite” music…:)

I recently discovered that Apocalyptica is still going strong…in fact, stronger than ever…writing songs for lead singers from metal groups. Ha, I amoose myself. Lead metal singers. But, seriously, my two new favorite songs.

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I like this!

A THOUGHT FOR TODAY: One of the great tragedies of mankind is that morality has been hijacked by religion. -Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer (1917-2008)

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Hi, guys!

I wanted to get a post in here cuz I just came in the door from being at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, for the last two days and I get a call from work. “Can you pleeeeeeze work tomorrow?” … Continue reading

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Ok, here are some pics.

The password in the last post is “voxpeeps” in case anyone cares. On the two days I had off last week I drove to north Michigan to see my sis and her family. Here are some pics. How is it … Continue reading

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