November, eh?

Well, you can thank Shutterfly for me being here making a post. I clumsily managed to upload 450 Oregon pictures from my computer. I had to sneakily make a new file, save it on my C drive and trick Shutterfly into uploading that rather than uploading directly from my Kodak Easyshare files. So, then I went there to play with some of the photos, but the site is acting all weird so I said “Screw it” for today and thought I better post here instead.

Isn’t this a gorgeous turkey? I keep looking at all the strange bumps and lumps and colors and feathers. What is up with turkey heads? Anyway…here he is.

I guess Darwin is gone forever. He just disappeared and never came back. Pooey. I hate it when they do that, but those kittens love hunting. Bon voyage, Dar.

Weird. That is the picture I was trying to crop when I gave up on Shutterfly. And it’s all cropped, sort of. I will have to get used to that site. I loved the Kodak Gallery, which is now defunct because Kodak couldn’t sell film anymore (or something). I know…..that made no sense.

Yoga has been good lately. I get really sore muscles, but it definitely gives me more energy.

Let me see if I can find any more awesome Oregon pics.

Short Sand Beach, where we found tidepools with anemones and gooeyducks (uh oh, don’t know how to spell that) and fish and stuff.

The gooeyducks were smooshy things that squirted you with water if you gently poked them.

The anemones were pretty.

It was a very cool place!

Ok, I have to go make some strawberry jam. The strawberries were on sale and we are all out of freezer jam!

I thought the sun was supposed to shine today. Humph. Weatherguessers are wrong again!

Happy Election day tomorrow…..gawd…it will finally be over. Hopefully.

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15 Responses to November, eh?

  1. GOF says:

    That shoreline looks like it could be a really wild place. Thanks for introducing me to gooeyducks, and the photograph of Darwin is really special.

  2. madtante says:

    wow! Being a Hillcat, I know SHITE about oceans and sea-y things.

    That turkey is lovely, yes. Have you tried Google/ gmail/ google+ / picasa? Picasa used to have some editing stuff. I think they merged all that crap. I rarely dig in there. I liked it, just ya know. Gotz Photoshop CS if need-be. Mostly, I play with whatever crappy apps are on my phone!

    • Lauri says:

      Each new beach area was prettier than the last as we drove up the coast! I actually want to make one of those Photobooks when I have the time…….

  3. Laurie says:

    Oh, Darwin, I hope your big eyes are seeing wonderfully new and interesting things wherever you are.

    It looks like it’s impossible to take a bad picture of the Oregon coast. Your snaps look like art!

  4. Gooeyducks, also known as geoducks! They’re the mascot of Evergreen State College in Olympia. Go Geoducks!

    (They’re actually kind of creepy and resemble, ahem, a certain part of the male anatomy.)

    Love the photos of the Oregon coast. There’s something mystical about the beaches there. The piles of logs reminded me of giants playing pick up sticks.

    • Lauri says:

      Lol..I knew I wasn’t spelling them correctly!
      The ones we found on this beach were very small (size does matter) and camoflaged with bits of shells and sand. They didn’t resemble the male anatomy and therefore we didn’t recognize them until I poked one and it squirted me. (that’s what she said)!
      Thanks for the link!

    • Lauri says:

      Lol! Oh, I see…the clam part must have been buried in the sand. Well, we laughed a lot and tried to take videos of them squirting!

  5. marsboom says:

    sorry about Dar…I know, darn cats will do that…but then again he may come back in the spring..stranger things have happened…yeah, and what happened to that sun???huh??? crapped my day…so I did next to nothing…better get used to it winter is here what fun yay?? BTW Pics are beautiful!! So jelly…strawberry I think lol “hugs”

  6. Redscylla says:

    Well, wherever Darwin has gone, I hope it’s nice. After all, my sister has a cat now who used to be someone else’s. Cats are like that. Loaners. 😀

    I had never heard of the squirty things! The world is full of weird stuffs.

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