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Medium Ellie…no longer quite so little…sits waiting patiently for her supper. And she still has “fourth meal” to look forward to later. 😉

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for each one of you! Especially since I have spent too much time on Facebook and it’s really brought about a lot of negative feelings. Meh. It’s like being in a washer with only a few other … Continue reading

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Happy news about Dolly

Dolly was apparently caught in the last two days (I don’t know who or how) and will be going to live with three other llamas. Apparently a lot of people have been keeping an eye on her, which is really … Continue reading

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Cold Sunday. Novembrrrrr 24th.

Hi, all! No luck catching Dolly the llama. She visits daily and eats sometimes and doesn’t sometimes, so I am thinking she is probably getting fed by neighbors around here, too. And she heads back towards an old barn behind … Continue reading

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Llama Drama

I’m having some fun around here this past week. First of all, a friend told me about this article in the local paper. (Let’s see if it copies, shall we?) Dolly the llama still homeless in Holly Township despite rescue … Continue reading

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Growing fast.

Ellie Claire is twelve weeks old. Which means we have had her five weeks. Time gets so weird the older I get. I was a bit worried about going through the puppy stage, but it has gone so fast I … Continue reading

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Sorry in advance, but this made me laugh a lot.

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Moar Dawg Pics

Ellie is not the least bit intimidated by the Gaping Maw of Death. She gets right in there and gives Orion what-for. It’s hilarious. She has no idea she is ten times smaller than he is. Crazy little lady with … Continue reading

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