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Some great laughs from The Rally

I am getting many satisfied chuckles from all the photos of signs people brought to The Rally to Restore Sanity! Here’s the site: Here’s some pics…

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Pallas kittens celebrate Meowloween!

This is such a cute video from ICHC. Emmy, you will love these Pallas kittens….oh heck…we will ALL love them! 🙂 Had to post link only!

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Happy Halloween!

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Good eeffening!

Today is my baby’s 24th birthday! He has had a good day. Last night he volunteered at a haunted corn maze that was a fundraiser for a school for special needs kids. He was dressed as The Dog Man and … Continue reading

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I found the frickin’ thing.

I am SO fucking glad. I have been looking for this fucking phone for six fucking days. It was cold last week. I wore a corduroy shirt with an upper pocket. It’s been warm since then. Tonight it’s cold again. … Continue reading

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I have searched and searched. I checked the “minute usage” on the cellphone and it showed the last call I took on it was Wed. afternoon. Tonight I was poking around the Verizon website again and found that I had … Continue reading

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I’m home!

I had a super fun weekend with my cousins at a scrapbooking weekend. I really hadn’t done any scrapbooking of my thousands upon hundreds of thousands of pictures for years, so I figured forcing myself to go would get me … Continue reading

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Leetle Nuthatch is ok! He was sitting up looking around within 10 minutes and then he was gone! Whew!

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I am about to put nets in front of every single window. This weekend a female house finch hit my sliding door window and died. I moved the bird feeders so that they are not by that side of the … Continue reading

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Fried day

Good mornin’. The mood-ometer is swinging into the lower reaches today. Really everything will be fine, but I am having a delayed reaction to my friend’s phonecall from Wednesday. She has thyroid cancer. I reacted with total positivity when she … Continue reading

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