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Howdy-do. I took some pics of my “Stuff”….Knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, whatever you want to call it. This, of course, is the “stuff” that is fairly neat and tidily arranged and dusted. You won’t see the other stuff. 😉 Here is Baborui’s … Continue reading

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A New and More Upright Murr-cat

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Sandwich Monday from NPR

The Toast Sandwich…..pretty funny comments! 🙂  

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Here’s Murr…

I don’t know how he survived. An occasional mouse and bird….but he finally worked his way out of an abandoned house to a spot where he could be heard. Ross had to remove part of the second floor porch roof … Continue reading

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Fantastic news!

Ashlee and Ross found Murray!!! The dear boy has been missing for SIX weeks! He was found trapped inside a porch of an abandoned house across the street. He must have somehow gotten shut inside the house because for weeks … Continue reading

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I love funny stuff.

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I am P.O.O.P.E.D. Pooped. But I got most of the stuff put away that I needed to get put away and most of the cleaning done that I am going to do. Hooray hooray for the motivation of company, and … Continue reading

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A Good Question

Last night on the “news” it was reported that Congress’ approval rating is down to 9%. Ken asked “Who exactly are the 9% who actually approve of this Congress?”

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Declutter is working!

I’m excited. I psyched myself into the correct mood for today. I was rather pissed that I had to work the last 6 days in a row. And anger is always an excellent mood to help me to get housecleaning … Continue reading

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Clutterama! And Pupperama.

But first…..Big Dog can now jump up on dogbed by himself. And, a dog butt makes a great pillow… Now here’s some clutter pics…..the coffee table, the diningroom table, the kitchen counter and my daughter’s old room. Admittedly I threw … Continue reading

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