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The self amusements of late middle age.

Night before last was a bad night for sleep. Calli has been making these grunt/cough noises more and more in the last six months and Tuesday night she kept me awake a lot of the night. Grunt/cough/gag. I reach down … Continue reading

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Amusingly braintwisting

A friend posted this on FB. I like it.

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Wild Kingdom

This video had me laughing like a loon! The Crazy Nastyass Honeybadger

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Monday Monday

Hubby’s in Vegas. Aaron made it home from Vegas in the snowstorm. Took him 2 1.2 hours to drive home from the airport. I just got done stomping through 16 inches of snow to feed the chickengoats and fill up … Continue reading

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A Fine Time

I think everyone had a very nice time at Ashlee’s shower. Calli got to stay out and we let her think the party was for her. Her giant dog bed was in the middle of the familyroom, so during the … Continue reading

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I remember how to do this now…

Entertaining. The food is almost ready. Set up a table for coffee, tea, soft drinks and wine. But the key to cleaning the house, I’ve just realized….throw every single thing into the rooms in the house where there will be … Continue reading

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Alrighty then…

Happy Thursday, kids! I am delighted to be ending my work week today. The lab continues to run on a shoestring and Duck Tape, but at least the atmosphere is a much much happier one, now. 🙂 A wedding shower … Continue reading

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South Dakota GOP pushes bill to legalize ‘homicide’ in defense of the unborn By Stephen C. Webster Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 — 9:42 am Share20 Share1741   49 Share370 Share3 Share2 Tags: Auto, defense, Draft, homicide, law, murder, person “Justifiable” homicide … Continue reading

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Ding dong….

the witch is dead! They fired my crazy evil boss person today. WOW. What a wonderful unexpected surprise!!!

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Hi, hi! We had a very good weekend. Ashlee and Ross and pups came up. Ash and I attended a wedding shower for her that was put on by Ross’s family. A very nice time was had by all. Before … Continue reading

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