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I can’t go to Vegas without one last Chicken post.

They are getting so big so fast! I’m saving naming them because they are changing colors just about every day! I do have the lightest one in this picture named Lufti. The lightest one in THIS picture is Powder. He/she … Continue reading

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Hi, y’all….

I have many things to talk about, but I need to start a new blog that is private. Too much going on, and it’s really nobodies’ damn business. (Except you guys, cuz I CHOOSE it to be your business.) So….I … Continue reading

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Sheldon got skunked. Luckily I was awake early this morning (spent the last hour of sleep dreaming that I was trying to find a bathroom in my childhood church while two murderers were running from the cops in there. That … Continue reading

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Let Us Pray

I really have to get a post in before the craziness of a new work week starts! As for the praying, here we go! Ross, my son-in-law, was driving down the road. Suddenly a monster appeared from the back of … Continue reading

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A Chicken Win. A Hot Day. Bruschetta.

Hello, folks! Two of my kids are coming home for the weekend, we have a wedding to attend tomorrow. Then early Christmas with Grandma before she goes to Florida on Sunday. I am cooking a turkey dinner! *singsong* Graaaaavy! So … Continue reading

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I think we’d better listen to him…..from The Onion

If I Go Extinct I Swear I Will Take As Many Humans With Me As I Can By A Karner Blue Butterfly August 30, 2011 | ISSUE 47•35 Article Tools Email Print Share Share Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit Related Articles … Continue reading

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