A Good Question

Last night on the “news” it was reported that Congress’ approval rating is down to 9%.

Ken asked “Who exactly are the 9% who actually approve of this Congress?”

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12 Responses to A Good Question

  1. Redscylla says:

    On NPR, they keep remarking that Communism has an equal approval rating as Congress. Not sure what to make of that.

  2. AuntieBellum says:

    Their spouses? Out of sympathy?

    I discount a certain percentage of all poll results anyway, just because of the people who are idiots who vote a certain way just to be stupid or because they think it’s “funny.”

  3. I have to wonder what the lowest point for any Congress is..

  4. geologywoman says:

    My family, no doubt. Not my son- the others.

  5. In statistics, 4% is considered as low as you can get by the way because of the margin for error you have to figure in. Meaning it’s closer to 5% … so it’s probably just their wife and kids.

  6. What GOM said: all polls have a margin of error posted. The Gallup Polls list a margin of error at + or -2%, but I’ve seen USA Today polls list margins as big as 5%.

    Myself, I think they call people like my parents, who can’t hear the questions anyway, so they say “Yes” to everything. We also have a neighbor who can’t speak English, so when I talk to her, she just nods her head and says “Okay” over and over again. “Do you approve of Congress’ performance this past year?” “Okay!”

  7. Emmy says:

    I wonder if there is such a thing as zero percent on any poll, 9 percent may be as close as you get!

  8. robpixaday says:

    Maybe the 9% (or 5%?) is made up of those folks who believe that the Moon is made of camembert or brie.

    It wasn’t that long ago we sort of respected Congresspeople just for being Congresspeople.

  9. I like Emily’s response on FB…can only be their Moms….and obviously not all of them lol

  10. kimkiminy says:

    The Congressmen themselves?

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