Here’s Murr…

I don’t know how he survived. An occasional mouse and bird….but he finally worked his way out of an abandoned house to a spot where he could be heard. Ross had to remove part of the second floor porch roof to get him out.

I can’t tell you how awesome we feel, and I don’t really need to! Poor guy, I am so glad he made it! LOL @ mariser for mentioning his “Presidential run”. 😀

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36 Responses to Here’s Murr…

  1. elizabethannewrites says:

    Oh wow. It’s good to see him standing and happily drinking!

    *hugs to you all*

  2. amyhftw says:

    OH! Poor baby! So glad he’s back and alive. Hallelujah!

  3. mariser says:

    poor Murr. you can see his clavicle sticking out and his neck looks so thin…
    I hope the vet check gives him a clean bill of health

  4. Laurie says:

    Oh, he does look so skinny! I hope he won’t even want to wander again.

    • Lauri says:

      I think they will find a way to prevent that! Cats SO love to be outside….but a covered run in the backyard might work. And let’s face it…they won’t miss what they don’t even know…or have forgotten about. 🙂

  5. Laurie says:

    My and my trapping partner once found a clearly lost housecat hanging around the fringes of the Boxcar Colony. He was skinny and filthy and once I got him inside he kept alternating between eating and throwing himself into my arms for hugs and purring, he was so overjoyed to be inside again.

  6. marilyn says:

    This is YOUR Murray?? What happen to him?.so little time and soooooo much happens L TK xo

    • Lauri says:

      It’s Ashlee’s Murray. He disappeared six weeks ago and they just found him shut up in a foreclosed home yesterday. He probably got in when someone was in there, but only worked his way out to the attic of the porch so they could hear him yowling.

  7. Lurkertype says:

    He could use a bath too (sorry for saying the B word, Murr!)

    He is truly a candidate for our times. He’s known cold and hunger and demonstrated the dangers of having all these empty houses. Plus he’s obviously strong on family. Murr is the 99%

  8. Jaypo says:

    Im so glad he was found, but not half as glad as he is! Hims looks like hobo kitty. 😦 He’ll fatten up in no time. Dirty li’l pawsies become white again, too.

  9. lauowolf says:

    Looks as if he is glad to be back.
    After another meal, someone should just pat him energetically with a warm wrung-out washcloth.
    You can get a lot of dirt off, and it doesn’t offend them as much as a B—.
    I’m so glad he’s home.

    • Lauri says:

      I kept thinking of Nicki all this time, too, lauo.

      • Lauri says:

        Ash has been wiping him down with warm cloths, but that gray crap isn’t coming out. They’ll try shampooing just his legs first to see if it will come out. It’s creeping me out what toxins could be in that stuff. These houses were built in the 1920s.

  10. Drude says:

    WOW! poor Murr! hasn’t he been gone for months now??? what a nightmare. Did they hear him calling? or did somebody else alert them to him?

    • Lauri says:

      Ashlee could hear him as soon as they returned Saturday night from visiting Ross’s parents for Thanksgiving. She thought it was him and she thought maybe some new renters had taken him in, so they waited until Sunday to go over and ask if they had a cat. That’s when they heard him in the roof!
      He was gone for six weeks!

  11. Snowy says:

    Surprised no-one’s mentioned nine lives. I won’t either as it is rather lame… That’s some tough cat. Well done, Murr!

  12. homebody says:

    OMG – so glad he hung in there! Oh, Lauri… hugs and warm wishes that he will soon be back to well-feddedness.

  13. kimkiminy says:

    Poor baby! I didn’t know he was missing. What luck you guys found him!

  14. GOF says:

    Sad story with a happy ending that makes us all feel good. What a very handsome pussy cat.

  15. msmouse7 says:

    wahoo — a good news story! Good job staying alive Murray, and good job finding him!

  16. littlemiao says:

    This is so heartwarming. 😀

    • Lauri says:

      Ash took him to the vet today and she said he is JUST FINE!
      No liver damage or kidney damage. Such a relief!
      The vet said this was the second cat she saw today that had been accidentally shut up in an abandoned house. The other cat had only been shut up for two weeks.


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