Hi, hi!

We’re all doing fine.

Sarah is getting a cute baby belly. She can feel it kickingΒ  The heartbeat is strong. The prognosis at the last ultrasound is the same. The baby won’t survive. But, they are enjoying the process anyway.


The Great Dane girls are thriving. I just had them out on their second leash training walk. One at a time. They are learning. They are sometimes walking sedately by my side, sometimes bucking like broncos, and occasionally, when I tell them to sit and bend to push their rumps down, I get two giant clubfeet on my shoulders.

Progress is being made. They are smart, even though they are huge toddlers.

After the first leash walk, I saw Dottie go over to where the leashes are hanging and just look at them as if thinking “I wonder what all that was about?”.

They LOVE riding in the car, something which Orion hates. So, it’s fun to take them, along with Sheldon and Ellie.

The Danes and goats are getting along just fine, too!



Dana, especially, loves the goats. She’s kissing Gus’s ear through the fence.

The girls are great at helping make beds. πŸ˜›


Camden had his first haircut. The look on his face in the mirror had us in stitches!


He’s walking, just a step or two or three at a time, but climbing up on the couch, no problem! Oy! Keeps us all on the run!

Ken and I are going out for our 36th anniversary tonight. Yay, food and wine!

I hope September finds you all well.

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Tired to the bone.


I’m too tired to do anything except type. So, I may as well do a catch up



I’ve been working a ton, as is usual in the summer. But, man, being 60, it sure wears me out! Β  My oldest son and his wife (Adam and Sarah) found out they are pregnant, which was awesome, because they have tried for 6 plus years. But, an ultrasound two weeks ago showed that there are many problems and the baby probably won’t survive. After about 24 hours feeling truly awful we decided (separately, but simultaneously) that this is always going to be their baby and it is now warm, nourished, and cared for, so we will cherish each moment it is with us and grieve when it is not. They came up last weekend and we enjoyed the gardens at Michigan State University.

Another reason I am exhausted….. One and a half weeks ago my husband, (veterinarian) was contacted by the local Humane Society. They needed vaccination records on two of his patients, 8 month old Great Dane sisters. The owners had left them at the Humane Society because they were tearing their house up (hello, Great Dane puppies). These two pups are sisters and are related to Orion. So after a few days of thinking, and a couple of visits, we brought them home. So, yes. We now have five dogs, three of whom are Great Danes.

Dana is on the left, Dottie is on the right. In reality, everyone is settling in very well. The girls are learning manners very quickly and they have their giant dog crates, which they love, so the house won’t be any more dismantled than it already is.


This weekend, Ashlee and Anthony and their two dogs came up. So we had SEVEN dogs, three of them crazy puppies.

Thus…….tired. There, I think I caught you guys up on most everything. So, here is a gorgeous cloud.


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A Post of Pics

Ken was working on the goat shed and he had helpers.
IMG_5744Gus in wheelbarrowIMG_5743Last post was werds, this post, pics.

Some garden pics.


And baby pics! πŸ™‚


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Mid July

I’m bad about posting.

(Mandatory first line of any post)

I have hit mid-summer, when I am either working every day, or traveling every day. (and in a rare day off, I have Camden overnight, to give his mom and dad a break).

So, whilst the little booger is napping, I am tapping. On the keyboard.

Camden is teething, whining, drooling and tearing the house apart. I’m so happy to have him over. Really! I know that I will rarely see any other grandchildren I will have, so I’m delighted that he can come over frequently.

But, I sympathize with moms and dads of busy teething babies!

The dogs/cats/goats/chickens/fish are all doing fantastic. It’s been a beautiful, but dry, summer.

My flowers and tomatoes have required frequent watering.

I had a wonderful trip down to Ohio around July 4th where I golfed with Ashlee and Anthony and Anthony’s mom, we went out to dinner with his parents and then to a Cleveland Symphony concert where they performed Scheherezade, and The 1812 Overture with real cannons! And then fireworks!

So much fun.

Other than that, I have been working and grandparenting.

Nice to see you! πŸ™‚

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Time to post baby goat pics!

Chicks and goatsHello to all!

I am posting so rarely that I’m very awkward at even starting a post. I’ll start with a complaint about this past week. My cousin’s husband dropped dead of a heart attack. Age 63. Ashlee’s bf’s uncle dropped dead, possible aneurysm, age 56. A dear friend of mine attempted to commit suicide. She failed, thank goodness, and was in hospital for a week, but is now doing a lot better. My dad got stomach flu, but had chest pain and shortness of breath, so ended up in ER and then hospital for the night. Happily, all of the tests showed his heart is fine and he probably just had a virus.

So, this week has been a bit traumatizing. My nerves are a-frazzled.

But, as always in life, the trauma passes and things will stabilize.

The good news! We picked up our baby goats two weeks ago! They are ADORABLE and the friendliest little guys. They are so small….barely taller than the chickens…but, they are hefty little buggers. Probably 20 pounds each. They just love attention and scritches and they jump up on us wanting to be picked up. Pretty funny little dudes.





This little dude is Newt. The two white babies are Gus and Woodrow. We named them after characters from Lonesome Dove.

So, here we have the goats and chickens all settled in together. Peace and harmony! πŸ™‚

The peace and harmony picture is up at the top of the post. Like I said……awkward! πŸ˜€

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I’m posting, I’m posting!

It’s May 6! It’s one of the first nice days of the spring. I took some pictures outside and will now post them.

I love dandelions. When they grow on the paths in the back of our property I feel like I am walking on a path of stars. I know I say this every year. πŸ˜‰

IMG_5373And, like I always say, there’s a dog butt in every picture!

This lovely lady and many of her friends are in our front yard every evening. IMG_5359I took a picture of the Babos hiding in the dandelions. Their eyes make them disappear. IMG_5363Here is where the dogs were standing while I took the Babo picture.

IMG_5364One more. This is Ellie in her “Hippo Hole”. She loves to run down here and wallow in the mud. The reason I have queen comforters on all my furniture and they get washed frequently! Happy Spring, everyone!



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It’s the first day of spring. It’s pretty chilly, here. The sun is gorgeous. There have been warmer days when the frogs are singing. My front yard was covered with crocus for a couple of days. So pretty!

The birds are singing their spring songs.

It’s been a fine winter. Mild. Just a couple of snowstorms. No really bitter temps. No complaints at all.

I have three baby goats coming to live with us sometime in May! I am getting them from a Nigerian Dwarf dairy farm in Michigan. The mama goats have the babies so they can make milk and I am going to take three of the baby boys, who might go to a butcher, otherwise. It will be great fun to have goats again! The dairy farmer emailed me that one of my boys was born last week. The other two should be any time now.

Here’s a picture that my son just messaged me.

Cammie/Roonie is six months old, now. It’s unbelievable how much they change in one year.


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Hi, dear Peeps!

I have enjoyed everyone’s posts. Thank you for posting while I was lacking the motivation to do so! ❀

Two weeks after my horrible cold went away, it came back! Luckily it was while I had two days off in a row, so I spent those two whole days on the couch. It was AWFUL.

I survived, but still sniffing. (and still whining, apparently) πŸ˜€

Except for the cold, it’s been a good month and a half. Ken and I went on a five day cruise, stopping at Cozumel for great snorkeling and Key West for a three hour bike trip in a mini-hurricane. Lol. It was fun….the temperature was 75 F. and we had raincoats, but we still ended up soaked to the bone!



The view from our ship in Cozumel

Key West Mile Zero

Key West Bike Ride

Since then it’s just been work and taking care of Cammie. I’m so glad that his mom and dad are so generous with him. He gets to spend the night every week or two!

He’s coming Friday for the night.


Obligatory Cammie Blowing Bubbles Picture


And, we had our second snow of the year! It’s been so mild this year! Going down to single digits tonight and tomorrow. But, it’s winter! πŸ™‚

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print, for now!

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Mrs. Pennyapple is staying with us.

Before Ashlee’s move, I brought Mrs. P up here to stay at our house. She was in declining health, getting old, and seemed to be having small strokes or seizures.

Since being here she has rebounded. She’s put weight back on and is doing great. I’m sure it’s just all part of the cycle. She was getting perfect care at Ashlee’s, too.

Anyway, here is Mrs. P waiting in her plastic bin to have her cage cleaned.

Mrs. P

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Bird news is exciting. (To me).

Over Christmas we kept Ashlee’s dog, Leela. She must have a touch of hound in her, because if she realizes she is “free”…no fence, no leash, she takes off in huge (quarter mile) circles of sniffing bliss. She is only gone for 10 minutes or so, but nothing can stop her or catch her until she is done. Needless to say, we freak out, because she would run right in front of a car.

Adam and Sarah were coming into the house and Leela spotted her chance. She was out the door and down the driveway and into the Nature Preserve in seconds.

While we ran and called like lunatics….all of us running through the snow in whatever we had on our feet, I looked up and way way up in the sky I saw a pair of swans flying. So, while everyone else is yelling “Leela!” I am yelling “Swans!!!”

This is not my picture, but it’s close to what we saw.


Second bird story….
I had read years ago that there is a population of robins that do not migrate, but stay here in the north all winter. They survive by eating berries and crabapples. Yesterday, for the first time, I had an entire flock of “winter” robins in my Snowdrift Crabapple tree. They stayed and chowed down the entire time I was outside feeding chickens and filling birdfeeders! Yay!

Also, not my picture!

Misty robin

Thus endeth the bird stories. πŸ™‚

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