I woke up just now. I don’t have to go to work today, but I woke up and realized that President Pussygrabber is real.

So, I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Pot isn’t legal in this state and it’s 615 am. I can’t start drinking.

I decided I am going to wear a black armband. From now on. So……anyone have any suggestions on how to make a black arm band??? I’m serious.

Cut up yoga pants? That’s all I can think of.

I totally appreciate everyone who is trying to “get on with it”. I just can’t do it. This is one time in my life that there is no “getting on with it”. No “accept it and move on”.

This will do eternal damage to this country, this fucking planet, and to me, my friends and family.  Nope. Can’t move on. I have to think of a way to show this, forever. Black arm band?


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27 Responses to So.

  1. M-----l says:

    Business sock with the toe cut out? Tattoo?

  2. littlemiao says:

    😦 i feel the same. can’t sleep, can barely eat.

  3. Emmy says:

    Have you seen the petition Laurie? It’s a long shot but it’s worth trying.

  4. crankypants says:

    stitched up headband from CVS? I think the best thing we can do is to get activated and involved in ways to help, whether it’s minorities, immigrants, getting involved somehow to push people (esp women of color) forward in political positions from the ground up…This is mostly a backlash from white people against the normalization of black people in power, LGBTQ people out of the closet, the normalization of anyone who had been on the fringe, basically in my opinion this is a push back against that, go back into your closet, Make America White, Straight, Christian Male again, shut up women, shut up POC, shut up LGBTQ, shut up immigrants, non-Christians, you make us feel uncomfortable and you need to go back in your hole again. That’s what this disgusting election has said to me. We as white people are so privileged and so it’s easier to ignore because generally people are nicer to us, this shit doesn’t always directly affect us. But this has exposed our racist neighbors,coworkers, family, if facebook hadn’t already done that. I’ve always been pretty passive, complacent, uninvolved, that’s how I was raised. Don’t cause trouble, don’t attract attention, but I think it’s about time to get involved in *something*. What, I’m not sure yet. I might start with volunteering to teach people to read. Knowledge is Power.

    • leendadll says:

      Seth Myer’s black female writer did a GREAT bit on this last night. I’ll try to find/post it.
      Neil DeGrasse Tyson (sp?) suggested a new “Make America SMART Again” campaign.

    • Lauri says:

      Cranks, you have it nailed. Well said.
      Backlash from all the progress made. Ok, but that is not going to stop the progress. It will come back stronger. At least I hope. Why do I always have hope. Emily Dickinson, I guess.

    • Yes! Literacy opens so many doors…and minds. I can also see the maker movement as a way to help people explore new options or use their current skill set in a different way

    • I’m really glad you wrote that, cranky. I just watched Real Time With Bill Maher, hoping he would make me laugh a little about a President Trump, but instead he talked about trying to reach out to white working class men. Which was weird, because earlier in the day Michael Moore was talking about how the white working class feels ignored and left behind, and the reason why Clinton lost the election is because she didn’t reach out to these people. Anyway, I began screaming at the screen, “You assholes are straight white cis men, so yeah, YOU reach out to the rednecks and the sad white guys in their SUVs. I gotta worry now about some racist jerk yelling at me, “Go back to China!” and thinking it’s okay to do that now.” (I’m kinda old for anyone to be grabbing my pussy, but if they did, I’d snap their arm off.) I’m tired of people saying most Trump voters aren’t racist or homophobic or misogynist: if it didn’t matter to you that your candidate is, then you apparently don’t care what happens to those of us who are in those target groups. And you are absolutely right about getting more progressive candidates to run for office, especially in states that went red this year. We don’t have to accept Trump’s mandate to be inevitable. The system can work for us too.

      Lauri, if you really want a black armband, you can just get a piece of black felt from a craft store, cut it to whatever size you want, and safety pin it onto your sleeve. (Or put velcro on if you don’t want to deal with pins. By the way, did you read about the significance of wearing a safety pin now?)

      I’m doing this. It’s a simple way to show I’m still here and am not running away.

      • Sorry, I should have read ALL the comments before I wrote mine.

      • crankypants says:

        I was surprised to hear rumblings regarding –like I hadn’t heard/read directly, just commentary against it–the “coastal elite” vs. the country boys or whatever. Like maybe you rednecks need to travel a little outside your comfort zone and understand that there are a lot of different kinds of people in this world, yet we all are essentially the same. we all need food, shelter, love, we want to protect our children and live in peace. It’s not that difficult to understand. The people who don’t want that are in the minority but unfortunately are either in power, trying to get more, or they are doing bad things and getting a lot of attention for it. aaaaahhhhhhh I am so tired of all the nonsense. And I certainly hope you don’t encounter any of that racist shit.

  5. e2thec says:

    The symbols most people are starting to wear are either safety pins (post-Brexit thing) or paper clips, either one on a lapel or other convenient place, or bracelets of them. In Norway, paper clips were used as a symbol of resistance to the Nazi occupation. I think I’m going for paper clips.

  6. leendadll says:

    I used to make garters: Sew a tube of black ribbon. Insert appropriate length of light elastic. Hand sew elastic and seams shut.

  7. Snowy says:

    Don’t get mad, get even. The campaign for 2018 starts today. It’s either that or give up, which would suit Trumpites just fine. Easy to say, I know, but maintaining the rage is really the only practical alternative.

  8. *hug* It’s still pretty hard to believe that all of this has actually happened. Oddly, watching Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers talk about the outcome has helped a bit. And then there was this

  9. kimkiminy says:

    Get that safety pin and start wearing it.

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