Trying not to freak out

Hi, guys. Without the wonderful sane Vox peeps on Facebook I don’t know how I would survive.

This election is a daymare. And a nightmare.

So, not saying anymore about that. Instead I must post the fantastic family photos we got taken while we were all together in Florida.


The whole bunch! Such a good group of kids! Camden was giggling up a storm and making us all laugh.


Ken and I and our all-growed-up kids. ❤

And the little dewd and his daddy! 🙂


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15 Responses to Trying not to freak out

  1. Laurie says:

    Lovely family, and how adorable is Cammie in that last photo with the big blue eyes?!

  2. Those eyes! So blue!
    Great pics from your trip 😀

  3. You all look so happy! Must have been a great vacation!

    Yeah, I am so done with this election. Every time I hear the Big Orange’s voice, I cringe and shut off the radio. I voted already and my ballot is safely at the county voters’ office, so now I want to tune everything about the election out. Especially the news about “how Trump can still win this election.” Stop that. Stop that now, before I move to Hawaii, which Trump doesn’t think is part of the US. 😛

    • Lauri says:

      Oooo. Hawaii is a thought. I would still prefer to move to Canada. Ken doesn’t want to. 😉

      • Canada probably isn’t a good choice if you hate winter. I remember vacationing at Lake Winnipeg in late September, and it was already cloudy and cold. The leaves were gone from the trees, and we wore coats the whole time we were there. Not a fan of that! Maybe Vancouver on the Pacific coast, though it can be cloudy from December through April up there. I was told people there pack up just to see sunshine again. 🙂

  4. leendadll says:

    great pics! i especially love the first one!!

  5. snoringKatZ says:

    Keep enjoying the happy photos! Yes, this election crap is making me nuts. Even worse than usual. I hate being conscious sometimes.

  6. madtante says:

    Looks like professional pics but maybe just cos you’re all outstanding.

  7. Emmy says:

    Oh, to be barefoot in the sand right now. We did Hollywood but S.C. and of course St. Thomas seemed to have more spacious beaches and a little bit of sub-tropical forest left to wander. Glad you got to escape the freaking raw coldness. 😀

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