Mid July

I’m bad about posting.

(Mandatory first line of any post)

I have hit mid-summer, when I am either working every day, or traveling every day. (and in a rare day off, I have Camden overnight, to give his mom and dad a break).

So, whilst the little booger is napping, I am tapping. On the keyboard.

Camden is teething, whining, drooling and tearing the house apart. I’m so happy to have him over. Really! I know that I will rarely see any other grandchildren I will have, so I’m delighted that he can come over frequently.

But, I sympathize with moms and dads of busy teething babies!

The dogs/cats/goats/chickens/fish are all doing fantastic. It’s been a beautiful, but dry, summer.

My flowers and tomatoes have required frequent watering.

I had a wonderful trip down to Ohio around July 4th where I golfed with Ashlee and Anthony and Anthony’s mom, we went out to dinner with his parents and then to a Cleveland Symphony concert where they performed Scheherezade, and The 1812 Overture with real cannons! And then fireworks!

So much fun.

Other than that, I have been working and grandparenting.

Nice to see you! 🙂

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12 Responses to Mid July

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Glad to hear all the critters are good. That symphony sounds to die for. I adore Scheherazade, and you can’t properly do the 1812 Overture with*out* real cannon, natch! 🙂

    • Lauri says:

      It was kind of funny, Ashlee kept saying “There better be cannons!” and we didn’t see any. But, sure enough, right when needed….BOOM BOOM BOOM from the side of the amphitheater! Ashlee actually yelled “Yay!” I couldn’t stop laughing after that.

  2. When they used to do a big fireworks display at Fort Sill, the finale was an 1812 Overture with fireworks and REAL artillery pieces – usually howitzers. It was awesome. Since 9/11, they had to quit doing stuff like that because of restricted access to the post.

    Non-stop rain here (or was here) – we could have grown lillypads in the back yard!

    • Lauri says:

      We had almost drought conditions until this week. Two huge soaking thunderstorms later, my fish pond is overflowing and I had to check the mud puddles around it with my hands and feet to see if any fish floated out. LOL.

  3. homebody says:

    Yay for all the good news! The July 4 symphony experience caught my attention, too – what great-sounding 4th!

  4. leendadll says:

    who needs to be online and/or blogging when you have goats??!?

  5. Jaypo says:

    Thankful that we got some rain over the weekend… and this week too. Chicknpants, LOL!

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