Happy New Year!

Good grief! I am in here with a New Year salutation on January 11th. Well, it’s been a busy past three weeks.

Holidays were good. I managed to come down with a horrible cold on the Wednesday before Christmas. I worked Wednesday with a gauze pad stuffed up my nose so that it wasn’t dripping down my face all day. My co-workers loved having me around. Luckily I worked in Microbiology so that when my work was finished I could leave. (And oh, how they begged me to leave!)

Thursday and Friday, Christmas eve and day, I was better…..felt rather crappy, but at least didn’t spend the days with anything stuck up my nose. But, I made everyone stay far away from me, so that they wouldn’t get sick.

I worked Saturday and Sunday. The cold was miserable and I looked like The Walking Dead. Seriously. I couldn’t call in on the weekend between Christmas and New Year, but I’m sure everyone wished I had. Thursday and Friday were better. The cold got better from there on out. Saturday morning, Jan 2nd, I headed down to help Ashlee move from her house (which is now sold! YAY!) and into a rental house closer to her job and in a really nice area of Lakewood. (Just west of Cleveland). I don’t know how many carloads of stuff we moved, between Ashlee, Anthony, and myself…but it was a lot. Then Monday the movers came to move her big stuff in. I stayed Monday to help have someone at each location and to make sure the dog and cats were safe during the move. I drove home Monday night.

Wednesday Ken and I went and picked up Camden, (grandson) since his mom had surgery to remove a cyst from her tailbone. She couldn’t bend or lift him for a few days, so he stayed with us. He is the best little dude. Eats, sleeps, diapers changed, repeat. He gets a bit cranky with you take his bottle out to burp him halfway through. YOu need earplugs for that one! Anyway, once Aaron got out of work on Friday, I took Cammie back home. His mom and dad had missed him terribly. It was so cute to see how anxious they were to get him back.

Here’s Cammie having a nap in his carseat, with his dinosaur feets.Sleeping Dinosaur Feet

Cammie and Jaguar

And, here, he’s checking out his jaguar puppet from his play chair. Yes, I put that monstrosity together. It looked pretty intimidating, but really only took me 40 minutes.

He’s just a bit too young for it, but soon he’ll be bouncing and grabbing at everything!

Needless to say, the Christmas tree is still up. That will be coming down today and tomorrow! I think all the busy-ness has ended for now…..I’m sure something else will come up.

Hope everyone is doing good! 😀



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24 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Sorry, the thought of you plugging up your nose with gauze to keep it from dripping made me giggle! But you really couldn’t take sick leave for a day or two? My coworkers would literally hustle me out the door if I came in sick before Christmas. It’s bad enough that we work with kids, lol.

    Cammie looks so sweet in those photos. You’re lucky to be able to spend so much time with him. I see my grandson in chunks of time, but not continuously, so he could grow a foot in the time in between, not to mention being able to talk, climb a ladder on a playground slide, and write his name. I was saying the previous Christmas, “My little baby is gone!” It’s such a short amount of time that they’re that little and cute, so enjoy those moments!

    I’m glad you were able to help Ashlee with her move, but take it easy. You need some me time as well.

    • Lauri says:

      It was awful being at work and I tried to stay away from everyone, but there really is no one else to work around the holidays or on weekends. It’s a bad situation. At least I don’t have contact with patients.

      I feel so lucky to be so close to my grandson. He changes each time I don’t see him for a week or two!

      It’s such a relief to have Ashlee happily settled in her new rental house. She has sold the alpacas, and her old house, so I am sure she needs to relax, too. She’s been doing so much work by herself for so long. She also just finished up her Master’s degree, so she can really take it easy for a bit!

  2. leendadll says:

    glad you’re feeling better. so far, i’ve really lucked out with the sickness – nothing more than mild 1-day events. I think if you get that sick again then you should be required to post gauze-nose pics!!

    • Lauri says:

      I had to laugh, too, I just did NOT care that I was working with gauze stuck up my nose. It’s fun getting older. 😛

      I’m hoping I won’t have anymore colds like that for awhile….however, I will keep in mind taking a schnozz-selfie.

  3. rossruns says:

    Cammie is definitely a cutie! Glad he was so well behaved for you. And that play chair looks awesome!

  4. snoringKatZ says:

    But… but… you have microscopes and things… did you look?!? Because that would have been awesome!!! *secret science nerd handshake*

    I hope you take up hibernating for a while. You have definitely earned it! Awesome mom/grammy awards for you! ❤

    • Lauri says:

      I don’t think there was much to see under the microscope since it was almost definitely a virus.
      I was too busy looking at other’s people snot under the scope to look at my own! LOL! UGH!

  5. crankypants says:

    Cammie is so cute. I think he looks a lot like you! (and you’re a cute too hee hee)

  6. crankypants says:

    ‘a cutie’ or ‘cute’, pick one cranky

  7. madtante says:

    Great pics! Moving sucks, so does the lurgy.

    My year has started off so offering with no internet or phone on premises (work) and ya know, where it is being labeled a dangerous place.

    I’m also not allowed to talk about it! ME? NOT TALK?!

    I miss my voxers.

  8. I think 80% of everyone I know was sick before/during or just after Christmas – jolly times! Sounds like you still had a good time, though – gauze and all 🙂 I love the dinosaur feet, would totally buy myself dinosaur socks I I found them at the store 🙂

  9. So all the samples you handled are showing YOUR virus, right?

    Hell, if the tree is still up just start sticking hearts on it and leave it for another month (when you switch the hearts out with eggs …).

  10. Whoa. Nose plugs! You had it bad! (((((hugs))))) I hope you’re all better and have no residual effects. AND that you don’t get another one of those super-crummy colds!
    Bad timing for it, too, over the holidays.
    Yay! for sold houses and moving!
    Camden — he’s just the most adorable little guy ever. He’s growing so fast! Sorry about his Mom’s surgery but nice that you got to spend time with him (and take pix for us – 🙂 ).
    LOVE those dino-feetz! And the seat gizmo you assembled looks cool. Jaguar puppet?Wow! Maybe Pickles and Mila would like that……….


    • Lauri says:

      I should have saved the box for Mila and Pickles!

      • LOL!! They’d’ve been THRILLED! I spend a good portion of my life walking through a box jungle. Btw I just did my one-a-week-just-to-see-if-anything’s-going-on login to FB and saw your tee shirt post. HAAAA! Wonderful for throwing some away! But you’re right: they repopulate immediately. No way to stop it unless you separate them so they can’t breed. 😉

  11. GOF says:

    Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and productive 2016 Lauri. Sympathies for the cold you had over Christmas…..there were some really nasty bugs going around Australia last year so obviously some irresponsible diseased Aussie transported them to your neck of the woods. Wasn’t me.

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