Baby Chicks outside for the first day!

I moved them into the chicken house about a week ago, but they were blocked inside because it was too cold for them. Today was a bit warmer and they are delighted to get outside. They are tearing around their yard, doing laps around the chicken house and having play fights. Eight girls, four Amber link and four Silver Lace Wyandotte.

They are approximately 6 weeks old today! The photo in my header is when they were 24 hours old!

Frost/freeze warning for tonight. The babys will be cozy in the shed with their heat lamp!

First time outsideIMG_3147IMG_3153IMG_3170

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27 Responses to Baby Chicks outside for the first day!

  1. they are really cute. are they pets? of course for eggs too.

  2. It’s in the 90’s here today – hot enough to fry a chicken on the sidewalk!

  3. msmouse7 says:

    Heavy sigh — they grow up so fast.

  4. You’re still getting frost warnings when it’s May? Good grief! It’s cool and breezy out here today, but Friday it was so hot I thought I was going to melt in the car, even with the AC going full blast. Hope the chickens stay warm. You too!

    • Lauri says:

      It’s really not safe to plant any plants that are affected by frost until after Memorial Day. Isn’t that crazy? I usually plant them and then cover the gardens with sheets when there is a frost! Nothing planted yet. It’s too damn cold!

  5. marsboo says:

    So glad you are not exempt from having those delights! Have fun watching them grow up!

  6. kimkiminy says:

    Oh SQUEE! They’re still so cute.

  7. madtante says:

    Chicks are always fun and of course, we eat the extra boys!

  8. SingingTuna says:

    Wait. THOSE are the peeps? So soon??? Wow!!! They’re all grown up!! They look like CHICKENZ!!!!! They probably have their learners’ permits and dates for the prom!!!!
    LOL! They’re still adorable, Lauri!
    And (((warmhugs))) for the cold. We’ve been chilly (for us) at night, in the 40’s.

  9. Peeps! Did you get something in the mail from me, by any chance? 🙂

    • Lauri says:

      Omg, fatcat, I sure did!!! I have been meaning to do a post, it’s so darn cute!!!! Thank you SO much! Speaking of chicks! 😀 The bracelet is perfect and my Tiffany Aching riding a polar bear is on my purse right now!
      Thank you!!!
      I’m looking for some fun stuff to send back. 😀

  10. Emmy says:

    They look so cute as teenagers. Geez I was griping about our 30F weather last night. A frost warning? Yikes! We are in the put away the coats and blankets week, but I might delay a bit.

  11. homebody says:

    Aww!!!! I love how excited the lead one looks in the second photo!

  12. Jaypo says:

    aww, so lively and perky! Auntie Carley just ordered fertilized eggs for her broody hens to hatch. She got Swedish Flower hens, they’re beautiful! Well, they’re eggs right now but when they pop out they’ll be little beauties. We have the perfect set up for some chckns and I’m thinking about it…

  13. MsRedPen says:

    Gosh, they’re growing fast. So cute!

  14. mizunogirl says:

    So cute!!! Enjoy!

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