Snopes Everything!!!

That super-cool baseball video was a fake, made for a commercial…never believe anything, ever!



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18 Responses to Snopes Everything!!!

  1. Brad (Griff) says:

    ….yep….*always* check Snopes… :). Having said that, I would never have seen this clip if not for your blog Lauri 🙂

  2. kimkiminy says:

    Snopes can be such a buzzkill sometimes.

  3. phantomxii says:

    Hey, you guys, I checked out “Lauri” on Snopes, and it turns out “she” is an 80-year-old homeless guy posting this stuff from a public library computer in Arkansas as part of a campaign to “bring Jesus to the masses” and “stop the Kenyan dictator.”



  4. SingingTuna says:

    Never saw that one; now if I do I’ll give it a raucous raspberry.

  5. Lily says:

    I saw this first, read the snopes page then went to look at the previ.

    It’s a FB thing and doesn’t load for non-FB folks but I’m going to YouTube it out of curiosity:)

  6. Lurkertype says:

    Ha, the Mr. was reading something online last night that suggested that browsers should have an “Auto-Snopes” button!

  7. Jaypo says:

    Eva Longoria iz tranny?!?

    I saw an article once on how all these amazing pitches and hoops across entire stadiums and through solid walls are done. But so what! Anything that rekindles a sense of wonder can’t be all bad!

    • Lauri says:

      I did enjoy that sense of wonder for about 24 hours.
      Now, I will have to think “Yeah, right” about everything for awhile. Ah, well. It’s worth it.
      Just like real life, eh?

  8. stevebetz says:

    My basic premise is that everything on the internet is fake.

    Unless it makes fun of the GOP.

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