This is certainly appropriate today.

Even more so with all the media we have at our fingertips. I think it’s all driving people crazy.


“Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock.” -Ben Hecht, screenwriter, playwright, novelist, director, and producer (1894-1964)

Every single tiny thing that happens is magnified, analyzed, criticized and discussed within seconds. Maybe we need to stop and be quiet now and then. This is prompted by the talk of the power outage in the Superdome in New Orleans. “Will this hurt tourism in the future? Does it show a lack of preparedness by the city” and on and on and on.

For god’s sake, just be quiet, accept that sometimes things happen and be glad it wasn’t an earthquake.

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20 Responses to This is certainly appropriate today.

  1. leendadll says:

    agreed. I heard there’s some mega investigation about the power outage because some group predicted it months ago but was ignored. Either way… it was a temporary black out, WHO CARES?!? Or, more precisely, WHY DO YOU IDIOTS CARE SO MUCH? DO YOU REALLY HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO?

  2. Ha, good point, albeit the talk around here is “Why did the 49ers lose the Super Bowl?” Talk about anal-lyzing. If you’re a fan of the team, you don’t care: you’re disappointed but you know there’s always next year. If you don’t care about the 49ers, well, why bother giving them a second thought?

    Me, I’m just trying to figure out what bird I heard calling over by the river tonight. It was very haunting, almost like something from a horror movie. Kind of like a long, drawn out whistle.

  3. Doug says:

    Surely we could build some kind of social networking app around the possibility of power shortages? A movie of the week? A tabloid expose? Maybe we should just let it go….

  4. If the lights going out in the Super Dome keeps people from going to New Orleans …

    … then I’m going to NOT replace any faulty breakers that cause temporary power outages at my home, so that people WILL stay away!

  5. Jaypo says:

    Fearmongers. It’s Obama’s fault. He’s trying to distract everyone while he seizes Global Power.

  6. amelie says:

    I love that Americans are obsessed with an itty bitty power outage over a football game when some NYC residents have had no power since October.

  7. Lily says:

    As you showed, people have always been crazy!

  8. YES. Time for those people to leave their computers for a bit and go outside

  9. GOF says:

    Seems to me these days many people don’t see any part of the world beyond the perimeter of their iPad screen. It might be that they have discovered the ultimate source of truth happiness and contentment before me. Gotta get me an iPad.

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