Oh yeah.

Honey Badger

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8 Responses to Oh yeah.

  1. We have “Prairie Dog Day” on Feb 1st. They always crawl out of their dens, look at the people who are surrounding them and wondering whether or not Winter is over … and they always answer “It’s STILL February, you idiots!”

  2. marsboo says:

    OMG after just talking about wanting to “like” your posts…there it is! Love those honey badgers ,that just don’t give a shit. so refreshingly honest 🙂

  3. robpixaday says:

    Not only do I not give a shit I also don’t give a shit about not giving a shit.
    Thanks for this, Lauri!

  4. GOF says:

    Go Honey Badger, and I wonder where I might pick up a flowing toupee like his. I’d look quite distinguished wearing a rug like that. I might even pass as a Barrister.

  5. Lily says:

    HB don’t care about that.

  6. amelie says:

    I love the claws. 4 more weeks of winter? Say that again, I dare you!

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