We’re home!

What a fun trip!  It’s amazing how once you get south of the Bahamas you can pretty much count on perfect weather. We have had only one trip where it was actually cool and it rained most of the trip. And that’s in 12 years of cruising.

The ship we were on last week was Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. It is the biggest cruise ship out there right now. It carried over 6000 passengers, plus almost 3000 crew. Insane. And, yes, I do get claustrophobia and too-freaking-many-people-o-phobia. Sometimes I want to just scream at people to get the heck out of my way. Humans are a pain in the ass in huge crowds. BUT…in spite of that, we had a wonderful time. (I just had my bitchy moments, that’s all.).

My new camera is going to be great fun! Here’s a pic I took of our ship leaving the port in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

026See that ship way up ahead of us? I zoomed in with my camera and got this!

027Pretty good zoom!

Ok, we went paddle boarding…..that was great. It took me awhile to stand up…my balance is sucky (just ask yoga teacher)…..Here’s the bay we paddle boarded in.

090This is on St. Thomas.

The next day we went on a bike trip. 125

Look at the color of that water! WOW! It’s always amazing to see it. Our ship is behind us…we biked around the bay from the ship to this fort. St. Maarten is definitely my favorite island!

We stopped on the way back to the ship at the Blue Bitch Bar. I got an awesome teeshirt.

153152Other than that it was all eating, sunning, hot-tubbing, and sleeping..oh, and, of course, reading! HG, I finished the first Earthsea book “A Wizard of Earthsea” and enjoyed it very much! 🙂

So, now it’s home to ice, rain, fog and by tomorrow night, more snow! Viva la difference…..(I’m sure I didn’t spell that in French).

It’s so good to be home….by day six I am chomping at the bit to be back with the animals!

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38 Responses to We’re home!

  1. Snowy says:

    Looks as though you had a lovely time. Our elder son and his wife were in the Bahamas last week also, and were not pleased to go back to the snow in Regina.

    • Lauri says:

      Well, I just consider that it’s January and I should expect snow. It got up to 66 F yesterday, now the temp is steadily dropping….more snow is on the way! The weather is swinging more wildly than ever!

  2. M-----l says:

    My favorite jazz song is called “St. Thomas”. I just thought I’d mention that.

  3. trishc1812 says:

    Welcome back to reality. 🙂

    I have given serious thought to going on a cruise…but I don’t do extended periods of ‘crowd’ or ‘crowd-like’ clusters of people. It just makes me antsy. The zoomed picture of the other cruise ship is a great shot….but for some reason that ship just does not fit into my ‘stress-free cruise’ mind’s eye.

    eh…maybe a cruise to Alaska won’t feel as crowded…I need to get to Alaska, it is the last state in my quest of ‘visiting all 50 states’. Maybe I will do a 50 by 50 by 50 kind of thing. (Lose 50 pounds, get the 50th state in before I turn 50…in 2014) eh, I can dream.

    oh, uhm….sorry for going off on a tangent. 🙂

    • Lauri says:

      Our first cruise was to Alaska and that is what made it ok for me to go on cruises. Normally the crowds and the touristyness of it all would have turned me off completely, but seeing the incredible scenery from the ship as we went north to Alaska was perfect for me. I didn’t freak out! 😉

  4. crankypants says:

    Welcome home! Your pictures are great, that zoomed photo is pretty darned amazing, what kind of camera did you get?
    I’m sure the critters are happy to have you back.

    • Lauri says:

      I got a Canon Powershot SX40. It was amazing the great deal we got on it! It has so many thing-a-majiggies that I will never ever come close to using most of them, but I am slowly figuring it out.
      Poor Orion was actually pining away being in the kennel. He lost weight and was so tired when we got him home it took a full 24 hours for him to get back to normal. I don’t know if I can leave him again. 😦

  5. littlemiao says:

    Welcome back! love the photos.

    that ship looks like a floating apartment building.

  6. Lily says:

    I’m always leery of anything ‘tropical’ as I can’t stand sun and anything above 70F. People say, ‘It’s the TROPICS, there’s a breeze, you’ll never know.’ I almost fecking DIED in Hawaii. Forget that! Pretty photos and I LOVE looking at them. I’ll skip the sun, sand and HEAT 🙂 I’d love a blue bitch girlie t. That’s toooooo cool!

  7. Mmm, that looks lovely – we have 39 deg F, a storm and 70 mm of rain here today (fuck!). Would NOT mind some sun and sand 🙂 Welcome home!

    • Lauri says:

      Since we have been home it’s been ice storms, rain and fog. It’s like seeing the world in black and white after seeing it in beautiful blazing color down in the Caribbean.

  8. marsboo says:

    I’m so glad you had a great time (like you wouldn’t down there ,right?) Pictures are beautiful. Now is that your canonsx40 or is it x50 Like I said gabrielle is looking for a camera to take wedding photos. Was it easy to use?Ok enough blahblah We need to go out soon. Schedule me into your busy life OK ((hugs))

  9. marsboo says:

    Ok never mind ,read that was a sx40 Do you think 400 is a good price for a sx50?Also what mp is the sx40 The 50 has 10.5 mp just doesn’t seem right. I don’t know enough poop…and with that, I need to go scoop before the next snow fall Oh joy lol

  10. stevebetz says:

    Welcome home! I LOVE that bar!! 🙂

    I also love “A Wizard of Earthsea” — so much in such a deceivingly simple little package.

  11. kimkiminy says:

    Did you get over to St. John’s? It’s so beautiful, and the best place for diving.
    Glad you didn’t get Legionaire’s Disease!

  12. GOF says:

    Six thousand?!!! SIX THOUSAND!!!!! ……..well I’m delighted you both had a wonderful time.
    I envy your camera….Mrs GOF has the SX30 with 35x zoom. I was going to buy the SX40 but it seemed too complicated for a country boy like me so I opted for a simpler and cheaper model but it still has 30x zoom……huge improvement on my old 4x.

    • Lauri says:

      I know….it is completely unbelievable that they cruise off every week with 6000 people on that ship. And it’s way too overwhelming for me, but hubby loves it so. I can stand it for about five or six of the seven days! 😉
      Yes o yes, this camera has too many buttons. I probably should have gotten the simpler one. But, I’ll keep messing with it!

      • GOF says:

        That camera takes wonderful pictures. Friends of ours bought the SX40 to document their European trip. Fabulous quality photographs….just a pity we had to sit through 6 hours of looking at them all after they returned. 🙂

        • Lauri says:

          Six hours! Oy!
          It is taking some good pics!, I’m quite happy with it….a few basics I have yet to figure out, however.

          • GOF says:

            The 6 hours probably included lunch. They are our best friends and it was their first overseas trip so I silently suffered the consequences. 🙂
            Mrs GOF uses her camera daily. Without fail. All the markings on every dial and button have been worn off. True story.

  13. robpixaday says:

    You’re BACK!!!!!!!! ((((((happyhugs)))))))
    GORGEOUS pictures!!!! Wow!!!!!!
    And that’s a REALLY big ship. REALLY big. There are towns tinier than that!
    It’s great that you had such a good time, Lauri. I’m so glad!
    Awwww…you missed your furry babies…were they annoyed at you when you got home? did expect souvenirs? Or were they so happy to see you they covered you in head-thumps and slobber? LOL

  14. robpixaday says:

    Whoops! typo!
    Did they expect souvenirs

    • Lauri says:

      They were very happy to see us…but I did feel bad for Orion. He really was missing us while we were gone. He lost weight and seemed all worn out. But, he’s back to normal, now!

      • robpixaday says:

        Oh, poor guy. Too bad you couldn’t take him on the cruise. The ship looked big enough.
        Good for speedy recoveries!

  15. Aussie Emjay says:

    I would be worrying that they didn’t have enough llife-boats to get that number of people off!!
    LOL @ too-freaking-many-people-o-phobia! I *love* the name of the bar.

  16. Aussie Emjay says:

    Oops – too many “l” s in life !

  17. Next year, I need to make more of an effort to stow away

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