Bon Voyage!

Tomorrow morning, early, we head out for a week long cruise! I’m so excited. We’ll be leaving behind temps in the single digits to go to temps in the low 80s…with the Caribbean waters also being in the low 80s! Heaven!

My doc told me yesterday that I should lose 17 pounds. Oh, yeah, not the day before a cruise do you tell me that. Lalalalala. I can’t hear you!

I got my iPod all up to date. My new camera figured out, the Kindle Fire loaded and ready to go! And Sailor Babo and Little Babo are all packed! I can’t think of anything else I will need!

Have a good week, kids. I’ll see ya when I get back! Shel and Orion

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14 Responses to Bon Voyage!

  1. Have a wonderful wonderful time!!!

  2. Snowy says:

    If you should bump into my son in the Bahamas, say “Hi” from me. He’ll be the good looking one. Of course…

    Have fun, Lauri.

  3. Laurie says:

    Look, Orion is already missing you in that photo. Have a great time! Safe trip!

  4. Jaypo says:

    Bye Larui!!!! Enjoy that little bit of heaven!

  5. Ooooh luckeee you! Hope you have a great time on the sea! Don’t forget to bring your charging cables: I forgot to bring my iPod charger the last time I was on a road trip, and the poor thing died before I even got to my destination. Boo.

    Also, don’r forget: we want lots of pictures!

  6. *wave* If your suitcase feels a little heavier tomorrow, it’s not me. I didn’t stow away in your suitcase

  7. Drude says:

    Say hi to the Caribbean waters for me! Have a great time! Swimming is exercise… it’ll make up for all the yummy fuds you have.

  8. robpixaday says:

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ave a fantabulous time!!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like you’re all set to have a fantabulous time!!!!!!!!!!
    ::waves from the dock::

    (And, wow. Your M.D. has crummy timing.)

  9. robpixaday says:

    Carp. Can I replace that comment? Too many typos!

    Sounds like you’re all set to have a fantabulous time!!!!!!!!!!
    ::waves from the dock::

    (And, wow. Your M.D. has crummy timing.)

  10. stevebetz says:

    Have a great trip!

  11. leendadll says:

    was gonna wish you a wonderful time but i realized you may be back already. hope it is/was great!

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