Oh no oh no.

I don’t know much about anything but I just heard over 20 dead in a mass shooting in Connecticut. 26? Oh my god. What is going on.


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17 Responses to Oh no oh no.

  1. mariser says:

    horrible. horrific. unspeakable.

  2. An elementary school ……….

  3. e2thec says:

    i just found out about this elsewhere and am sitting hre in tears. 26 people dead as per wire service updates 5 minutes ago.


  4. There have been so many conflicting reports, I don’t know what’s true yet.

    The Wall Street Journal did say a high-powered .223-caliber assault rifle was used. Why is it legal for virtually anyone to buy something like that—in a sporting goods store, on the internet? I’d love to hear members of the NRA explain that.

    • e2thec says:

      Supposedly the shooter had 4 weapons and was wearing a bulletproof vest.

      When I lived in VA, it was legal for a very long time to be able to buy almost unlimited firearms (assault weapons included) with a background check. VA was one of the states marked as being in the top 5 for illegal arms dealing to gangs (like the Bloods and Crips) and organized crime.

      They *finally* enacted legislation that restricts individual gun purchases to one per week – iirc, that was after the Beltway Sniper terrorized us all. And even then, the legislation was highly controversial and it was still very easy to purchase assault rifles. (they were allowed under the “one per week” ruling.)

      I grew up in an area where most people hunt, and am sympathetic to it still, but have wanted to see strict enforcement of background checks and sales in place for a long time.,

      And why in the hell *anyone* should be able to purchase an assault rifle is beyond me. It’s as if much of the country still sees itself as the Wild West and thinks that’s *normal.*

      (Still feeling very shaken up by all the news, much more so than I’d ever have imagined.)

  5. GOF says:

    These tragedies seem to occur far too often in your country. After Australia’s only mass shooting the Government acted to buy back firearms and restrict gun ownership to people who have a legitimate use for them. I understand this is a contentious issue in America where gun ownership is viewed by many as a right.

    I’ve been pondering this blank space for 5 minutes Lauri……I just don’t know what to say…..this incident is just so sad and unnecessary and totally beyond my understanding.

    • e2thec says:

      GOF – things have GOT to change here.

      I’m sure the world sees us as reckless and totally irresponsible re. guns and these mass shootings, and the world is, unfortunately, right…

      • GOF says:

        I read with interest your original comment to Lauri, and agree with everything you wrote.
        As an outsider I find it totally beyond belief that owning a weapon specifically designed for killing other human beings could be considered a ‘right’ in any civilised society in the 21st century.
        Hopefully one day the majority of Americans will say enough is enough and give your political leaders the mandate to act against the stupidity. (Buying one weapon per week!!!!…Sheesh)
        I write this as a licenced gun owner who has one small-bore shotgun for the purpose of protecting my farm from wild pigs.

  6. The news here are saying 26 dead, 20 of them children. It’s such a terrible crime that I can’t even begin to understand it – my sympathies to all those affected.

  7. phantomxii says:

    I’ve overdosed on Twitter today, reading/posting about this. If there’s good news, it’s that a lot of people are positively outraged about this. So sad that it takes shooting up a kindergarten to wake people up…but at least hopefully now more people are awake.

  8. Jaypo says:

    It’s inconceivably awful, Larui. The CT State Police gave a Press Conference this morning–they have a list of names of the deceased and asked the Press Corps to please leave the families alone.
    I cried on the way home from work last night. Everything about it tears me up inside–those precious children gone, the horror of the world, the despair of the their parents.

  9. Lauri says:

    It’s hard to know even where to begin.

  10. amelie says:

    I was especially sad hearing that many families were taking down their Christmas decorations. What an awful moment. At least the news correspondents are being more sensitive than usual; in fact all 3 of the CNN people who were at the scene were unable to finish sentences because they were in tears the whole time. It was sad but reassuring at the same time.

  11. amelie says:

    I don’t know if you saw the SNL tribute Laurie, but that was nice as well.

  12. amelie says:

    Lauri (dang you two friends of mine – one letter off!! LOL)

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