Good Grief.

My Weatherbug just issued an “Excessive Heat Watch” through July 7th! Isn’t this only the 2nd? Wow. We sure picked a great year to get central AC! Whew!!!

I’m so sad for a friend of mine. Her darling Corgi, Dwight, who just turned one year old, died Friday night. He was outside playing with his pack (I think she has five or six Corgis) and he fell weird and broke his neck and died. Such a horrible freak accident. She is devastated and I hate for anyone to go through that.

I am going to now go upstairs and start working on my clothing piles. I can’t find any darn clothes to wear because I have too damn many clothes.

I am heading north tomorrow for a few days. I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday week!


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21 Responses to Good Grief.

  1. Omahgahd, I’m so glad you’re getting out of town. My friends in Minnesota were saying the humidity is a killer this year. Even after they had a huge thunderstorm the other night, the temperature went up, and didn’t cool down at all.

    When a dog that young dies, it’s painfully sad. You just got through with their puppyhood and all of a sudden…. I hope your friend finds some comfort in her other dogs.

    You sound like my younger daughter, who has a closet packed with clothes but screams she has nothing to wear! She finally took a couple of bags of old stuff to the local Goodwill. She also tried to give me some things, but she wears size itty-bitty. I couldn’t wear her size in clothes, even when I was 16!

    • Lauri says:

      It’s not that I have a bunch of NICE clothes or anything. I have way too many of the same old crappy thing. But, when I get sick of it all being in a jumble so I can’t find anything, I have to go through and sort them and throw some out.
      It’s going fine so far! 🙂

  2. marsboom says:

    Charlie Brown? I’m so sorry for your friend….:(,, Have a great trip, maybe I’ll get skinny enough to wear some of your old clothes lol I’ve tossed almost all of mine, not going back there again 🙂

    • Lauri says:

      Most of my clothes are crap….and not from being worn, but from lying crumpled up on a closet floor!
      Hooray for you needing new clothes! 🙂

  3. GOF says:

    So sorry for your friend…. it’s sad when a pet dies so young.
    Hope you find some ‘coolth’….enjoy your holidays.

  4. ladywise says:

    Sorry about your friends dog. You know I live the animal kingdom here and believe me it’s a major deal if one of Donna’s animals dies.

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend! Stay cool. It’s been in the triple digits here for a week or more now.

  5. crankypants says:

    That is so sad about the pupper. I hope you have a great weekend and stay nice and cool. I mean, cooler than you already are. 😎

    • Lauri says:

      Haha! Love the guy with the shades! I forgot about being able to do that!
      We’re having a thunderstorm right now! Hooray for rain. Everything is so brown and crispy crunchy! You have a good weekend, too!

  6. Jaypo says:

    Poor corgi-boy… he must have been running really fast, they’s legs are barely bumps. Maybe he ran into something?

    I broke down this summer and pigged out at Old Navy. Cheap. Colorful. Fun. That’s all I need for warm weather. Only New Englanders (read: coworkers) willingly wear black in the middle of heat waves. Stay cool, Larui!! luv oo.

  7. Jaypo says:

    btw, why are there two posts of this? I’ve noticed that on a couple of peeps’ blogs, that the post is repeated on the comments page. stupid WP.

  8. madtante says:

    What a horrible shock. I guess you could say he went out having a blast, so there’s that. 😦

    I need to cull some more stuff, too. Less clothing, more “just shite.”

  9. Oh man…poor little pup. Those freak accidents are awful no matter what kind of animal you are.
    Hope you have lots of fun up north!

  10. Robpixaday says:

    Awwww, so sad about the little Corgi….

    And this heat is HORRIBLE!!!!! (((((((cooling hugs))))))))
    I want it to snow. Or at least be cold.
    Lauri I’m a different site for a while, maybe for a long time, until I can get my one fixed. It’s very odd.
    I’m clickable’

    (Just re-read that…I hope it made sense…my brain is melting)

  11. leendadll says:

    so sad to read about the puppy.
    i hope the heat broke earlier than expected.

    • leendadll says:

      and… AH-HAAAA… you’re the one who’s comments show before the posts. i like that layout… but not enough to switch themes.

      • leendadll says:

        wait.. you have Twenty-ten too. Any idea why comment view shows comments THEN the post, instead of the other way round?

        • crankypants says:

          I’m still drinking my coffee and am not awake yet (I may never be) but I am still trying to figure out what you mean, everything seems ‘normal’ here, I don’t see comments before posts?

          • leendadll says:

            i think it’s a bug. I finally did a screenshot… but, essentially, when I hit the Comment button on her post the new page loaded with all the previous comments, then a comment box, then her post text, then another comment box.

  12. amelie says:

    Quite a few heat warnings here too, and I think the UV has shot through the roof.

    I know what you mean about clothes, there are no simple cotton ones these days, just dumb off the shoulder style shirts!

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