Good Sunday!

It’s a beautiful sunny day when looking through the window, but the wind is really brisk and the temps in the 40s, so it feels quite cold. I’ll stay inside today, thanks!

All is well here. I had a cat scan of my abdomen on Friday to check out the goofy pain I’ve been having there. It’s always sumpthin’!

Yesterday a whole busload of peeps from our lab took an actual bus and went down to Detroit….half to hang out at Greektown casino all day (blech…too crowded, smokey and claustrophobic for me), and the other half to go a Tiger baseball game! Woohoooo! We had a lot of fun on the busride down. Drinking a bit, jello shots, Donna’s Donuts and frosted sugar cookies….alcohol and sugar for the win!

Here’s Sailor Baborui with a jello shot, lab style!

It was a blast. We got down the casino and the baseball game folks took off for the Golden Fleece, a coney type place in Greek Town. SB had a beer, there and delicious gyros were had by all!

SB developed quite a crush on our Med Tech intern, Kira. She’s a cutie! πŸ™‚ We got to the game and our seats were in the sun, so we were toasty and warm. Unfortunately the Tigers were stone cold….they gave the Rangers 7 runs in the first inning. The Tiges looked like a T ball team out there. Oh, well, we still had a good time! Beer, peanuts (to throw at fellow lab folks in the rows in front of us) and hotdogs will do that for ya!

Great seats! Not so great game, Tigers!

More lab peeps.

Here is what I accomplished on Friday, my day off….I got four types of Heirloom tomato seeds started and a large pot of lettuce! Wheeeeee…..I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes……Ken says the police helicopter will see the grow lights from our bedroom window and be checking us out. I wouldn’t be surprised!

Peek a boo! Back to work, tomorrow! Whee-ooot.

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20 Responses to Good Sunday!

  1. Ha, I love that Jello shot! If only my doctor would give me one of those!

    I saw the Detroit-Texas game on TV. Yeah, it was kind of a rout. (But at least you didn’t get beat by the Yankees.) And you got pretty good seats!

    In our neighborhood you see grow lights everywhere, and you know they aren’t all growing tomatoes, snert. The cops are so short-handed and busy out here however, they don’t care unless you do something stupid, like fire a gun or hold a loud party after 10 p.m. I’d rather have tomatoes than marijuana any day!

  2. littleoddme says:

    I also love the jello shot. If I wasn’t so dehydrated from digging for three hours out in the sun I’d SO have one of those!! I’m also excited about my plants and the fact that I now have less than two weeks until I can get them into a garden!!

    • Lauri says:

      Blah…it will be six weeks before we can put gardens in. I hope my tomaters are sprouting well by then. I am about a week late starting them!

  3. stevebetz says:

    So, how is the jello shot administered? Down the gullet???

    Looks like a great time — too bad about the Kitties.

  4. Lurkertype says:

    I was wondering what Babo was doing with that syringe! Looks like a fun day!

  5. leendadll says:

    It was overcast all day today. Around 6p, I was fuhreeeeezing and closed up the house – despite my living room themostat telling me it was actually 72.

    Hope you get a decent diagnosis from the scan.

  6. madtante says:

    Glad your friend holding the bong is wearing shades to protect her ID.

  7. robpixaday says:

    Wooohoooo!!!! Lab peeps have fun!!!
    And Sailor Babo leads the way!

    Hey, very cool about the tomato seeds. They’ll sprout soon, hunh?
    Sounds like you had similar weather. We’re in the low 50’s today…Damp, etc., after the “Big Storm.”

    Cat scan? Pain? ACCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!
    ((((((((((((((((gentle hugs))))))))))))))))

  8. GOF says:

    Enjoyed the story and pics although I have no idea what all those little white men are doing running around the field of grass…..erm…lawn.

    Hope your cat-scan result is favorable.

    • Lauri says:

      Thanks for the well-wishes!
      As for the little white men, they weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing. That is scoring runs!!!

  9. Ummm ……. it was EIGHT runs in the first inning …

  10. amyhftw says:

    What’s up with our Tiges? Sheesh. Plenty of time. Isn’t the MLB season 600 games before the playoffs? Feels like it, anyway.

    Great photos! And a great day!

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