I am getting no emails or updates from WordPress anymore. I don’t know when anyone has posted or commented or replied or anything.

It’s difficult to want to keep up when I have no idea what’s going on. Blerg. 😦

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8 Responses to Dislike

  1. Hello Laurie, I think if you go into ‘profile’ and then notifications, on WP, like that you will find the correction necessary. I have noticed that it appears wordpress is doing some improvements and updates on their editor. When I encounter problems I change programs here on my destop to get to WP. Also..groan..if you have setting for another blog check those settings if WP does not improve it. Sometimes a sign out, log off and comeback does it. They are very helpful. I have found when there is a consistent problem, if I am virus free, I remember everything in these monsters is a file. I am the only inconsistent thing in the process. I must slow down and remember my initial purpose. They have instructions for everything from blowing your nose while signing in..to places to sell something. ABC’s and all..but worth remembering for me…Peace and good to you..Tony

  2. What on earth has happened? I’m still getting emails. I don’t always comment because I’m up to my ears these days, but…

    A heads-up: on Wednesday April 18th I’m interviewing Cap’n Stephel about her photography on my blog. (the bethstilborn.com one.)

  3. madtante says:

    I’ve been having odd WP problems, too, and in the past 3 years (yikes), they go wonky when working on servers or in a couple of cases, overhauling the layouts (system-wide, not specific blogs).

    My realname WP is different in many ways, including that offer to buy a year of your domain is $24 rather than this one, which is $17.

  4. I just thought you’d died from the pain you wouldn’t go to the doctor for …

    … or that you did finally decide you just don’t like us, lol.

    • Lauri says:

      *Snicker* I would have gone to the dr. if that pain had kept up for even one more day. It got less and less and is almost gone, now. I even dug up my entire garden yesterday! Wheeee!

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