Thanks for all the concern…I am feeling so much better today! What a weird experience. Usually when I pull a muscle it’s in my back and I can just keep going through that because I know exactly what that is. Sometimes knowing a bit too much medically can be a bad thing.

Anyhoo, here are some pics I have taken in the last few days. It is quite cold today, so back much more to normal. I hope my peach blossoms didn’t freeze!

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19 Responses to Whew!

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Gorgeous flowers!

  2. crankypants says:

    Those are so pretty! The purple hyacinth looks like mine (which unfortunately are done for the year). I like the teeny buggy on the bright pink one. and the crocus pic is amazing!
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. e2thec says:

    *so* glad you’re feeling better – am just catching up now and your previous post had me worried.

    (Yesterday was a little worrisome here; my mom has been having some difficulties and I was having to make and field phone calls. It seems she is a bit better now, but still… tiring.)

  4. Ashlee says:


    • Lauri says:

      I have gone out the last few nights and no peepers are singing. I think the temp has driven them back underground. As soon as it gets warm again I’ll video tape them!

  5. Very grateful to hear you’re feeling better — keep watch…

    Wonderful pictures! It makes me think spring might not be just a myth, after all! (Not that winter has been awful, it’s been amazingly good, but now spring is playing that coquettish “I’m here, no I’m not, yes I am, no I’m not” game.

    • Lauri says:

      Spring is going to do that to us! Now you see me, now you don’t!
      I am starting a whole bunch of Heirloom vegetable seeds inside this year, so I’ll feel springy no matter what it’s doing outside. 🙂

      • Ashlee says:

        Started my broccoli and peppers on Sunday! No spouts yet, although I may have to move them somewhere else, in case Turkleton decides the sprouts are tasty little snacks. Someone has been walking in the pot with the lettuce in it…

        • Lauri says:

          LOL! You are going to have a time keeping everyone out of the seedlings. I will have a huge problem keeping The Beast out of the garden. Orion has a new nickname.

  6. leendadll says:

    Glad you’re okay!

    After a second round of “is that diverticulitis?” pain, I have finally been able to ID that it’s some pulled muscle waaaaay under my skin. I have no idea what… I’ve never felt a muscle there before but I also have never, before, worked out aggressively while this obese (or old… old is probably the real problem here)

  7. GOF says:

    I’m so happy that you are feeling better….every time I get an unexpected pain in the chest I immediately think the end is nigh.

    The photographs are stunning especially the top one and the curly pink/white flower neither of which I’ve seen before…..they probably don’t like the tropics.

    • Lauri says:

      Heehee….I can’t help but laugh because I often wonder if “the end is nigh”, too…but well, it’s life (and death) and one of these days the end will be imminent. At the moment all is well (except that I just posted a post whining about WordPress) and I have a happy chubby kitty on my lap, making it difficult to type!
      I’m glad I found this comment from you, GOF! I am completely incommunicado with WP nowadays and I don’t like it.
      Oh! The flower is a hyacinth and I am fairly sure they like our cold winters and warm springs. Then they are done and are just some green leaves all summer!

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