This and that and the other thing…

Today is a better day. Yay. We have had a lovely snowstorm all day. The nice pretty sticky kind of snow, which I don’t think should be dangerous to drive in. Actually, the roads are probably just wet.

First of all I want to share the awesome mails I have received! I love every one and I haven’t been very good about thanking people, so here they all are!

Starting at left are Little Miao! Great photos made into a wonderful card…I may have to try that next Christmas! And Lurkie sent me the pretty cardinals with TK teef marks! Yay! Fatcat sent the blue paper with super cute stickers and the binking bun crossstitch! Thanks, fatcat! Up above is card and envelope with cool sticker from SnoringKatZ!!! Thanks, KatZ! Next at the top is a postcard from Aubs! Orange groves and snowy mountains! I want to visit! Underneath is a super cool monkey card from my Year of the Monkey twin, HG!!! I don’t like most monkeys, but this guy is really cool!  Below that is a card from Queen of Fractal Beauty! I have a card ready to mail out to her today and hers came in the mail so she beat me! And last, but actually first, is a letter from Redz on U of K stationery! It was the very first piece of mail I received! So thanks to all of you! I’m still working on sending more out!

Next on the Random Subject generator ……this is Arrrrrrgyl, the Pirate Sock that my sister sent me for my birthday. He and Sailor Babo are besties!

Aaaarrrrrgh…Teagan is on the back of my computer chair chewing on my hair!

Finally, here are some pics I took when the dogs and I walked down to get the mail. Reub and Orion love the snow. Sheldon liked it ok, but was happy to get back inside!

This is from the mailbox looking back up at the house. What a pretty day!

Emmett, my gargoyle, is wearing a snow hat. Ok, time to feed the animals their supper! I have a fire going in the fireplace!

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22 Responses to This and that and the other thing…

  1. trishc1812 says:

    SNOW!! I love snow. You’ve gotten some pretty neat stuff. I should lay mine out and take a picture, too. I have now received a couple of notes that I need to reciprocate…like soon.

    No flying floppy Orion ears today…but he did look like he was having a blast galloping all around in the snow.

    A fire and a kitty chewing your hair. That is close to bliss for me.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Your life sounds so cozy today! Dogs in the snow, peep mail, fireplace — life is good.

    The BINK! made me LOL. And of course Chun is so handsome. TK has put teef marks in a lot of my mail, he’s so “helpful”. He got hold of my sheet of return address stickers and chowed down. He bit the card I sent to LittleMiao, right on the front.

    Arrrgyle is great!

  3. Hanuman made it to Lauri’s house! Yay! He’s fast as the wind and can throw rocks across the ocean, so don’t piss him off! He also grants favors to whoever is selfless and pure of heart. *cough, that’s not me, unfortunately, cough* So hang onto the card, and if you need something that can’t be acquired by mere mortal means, ask the Monkey God.

    You need to buy a bottle of rum that the Pirate Sock and Sailor Babo can share. Or make them baba al rum. Or Babo al rum. You know what I mean. 😀

    • Lauri says:

      I will save Hanuman for when I really need something! Like maybe to throw a rock at Santorum’s head. *shifty eyes*

      Ooo…..I have a bottle of rum….I better get Babo and Arrrrgyle posing with it!

  4. Laurie says:

    Is this Orion’s first big snow?

    • Lauri says:

      This is the deepest we have had. He loves to run at full speed scooping it up in his mouth. Then he has to pee all the time from eating so much snow…..

    • Lauri says:

      Laurie! As soon as I saw your comment I knew I had received a card from you, too! I found it under some of my envelopes on my poor cluttered coffee table! It’s so lovely…from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts! Thank you so much! I hope it won’t be long and I’ll be surveying my yard in warmth and sunshine!

  5. stevebetz says:

    Love it when I get to “visit” snowy days without, you know, having to experience them. And the scarier thing is that I wrote an email to a friend at lunchtime today that had the subject “This, and That, and The Other Thing”… 🙂

  6. Lauri says:

    Sorry if I missed your card in the picture…I just found one from Laurie on my cluttered coffee table and I think there is one from AmyH there, too….I better go look! 😛

  7. Lauri says:

    Ok! I remember where I put AmyH’s card, too! It’s in my recipe box! It has a recipe for guacamole on it, so it’s in there ready for use! I think that is everyone!

  8. Yay for peep mail, happy dogs, fireplaces, snow and kitties 🙂

  9. GOF says:

    It is a really nice extension to blogging and emailing when you receive things by snail mail too.

  10. ygrs says:

    Mmmmm. . . snow looks sooo much lovelier when it’s falling on somebody ELSE’S place. . . &:o)

  11. littlemiao says:

    peepmail makes me so happy! I really enjoyed February and it is so sweet to see my miaolings make their way around the country and the globe.

    Snow! It seems like such a distant memory. I can’t remember the last winter there was so little snow.

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