It’s so good to be home.

Ken and I had a lovely cruise. But, I don’t think I have ever been happier to be home!

I did fret all week about how the three dogs and six cats were in the kennel. And how the two goats and dozens of chickens were at home without us. Aaron came over several times to feed and water the outside critters.

I think it was just my week to fret. So, like I said….very glad to be home. We had an awesome week of sun and sea and snorkeling and sand and food and drink.  I’ll post pics when I get the camera loaded onto here.

We got home into Detroit Metro at 4 pm yesterday. Had our luggage and were in the car heading home by 4:55 pm. I love how automated airports are now. The luggage was there at the carousel in minutes. We hauled it outside and the shuttle to the car park was already waiting. We arrived at the vet hospital/boarding kennel an hour later to the howling delight of the dogs. All were well and extremely happy to see us! Cats were still freaked out…happy, but not truly relaxed until we go everyone home.

This morning I got up and fed everyone, scooped litterboxes and played with the pups until they got tired. Now they are ready to sleep and Ken is out of bed so I can go back to bed for another nap. Vacationing is so very wearing. 🙂

Pics and shtuff later! Yay, home!

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19 Responses to It’s so good to be home.

  1. littlemiao says:

    welcome back, Lauri! 🙂

  2. Yay, welcome home!
    (gosh, you leave and everyone else stopped posting…it was weird)

  3. M-----l says:

    You put six cats and three dogs in a kennel? That must’ve cost as much as the cruise itself.

    • Lauri says:

      Happily, Ken owns the kennel. It’s attached to his vet hospital!
      The girls who have to take care of our zoo get lots of bonuses, but otherwise, it’s not much more expensive than feeding them all at home!

  4. Yay! Welcome home! Missed your comments on everyone’s blogs!

    I know what you mean by fretting about your animals while you’re on vacation. Even if you’ve looked forward to the trip, it’s hard to leave them in a kennel for a week. I bet even the chickens mobbed you when you came home. Hope you have an easy week after the stress of snorkeling and walking on the beach! 😉

  5. GOF says:

    Nice to have you back in the ‘hood Lauri. Looking forward to the photographs.

  6. Redscylla says:

    Welcome home! Our blogs have been so lonely without you. 🙂 Sounds like a good break, but it’s always so nice to get home to the critters.

  7. kimkiminy says:

    Welcome home! There’s nothing better than getting back and knowing everyone’s okay.

  8. Msmouse7 says:

    Glad you had fun in the sun–can’t wait to see pictures as I take my vacations vicariously.

  9. madtante says:

    I missed you! I thought of you bunches and hoped you were happy!!

    Bet the fur and feathered were happy to see Mama!

  10. amelie says:

    Isn’t the Carribean wonderful? You’ll have good memories on that one, glad you got away from this sloppy winter for a while! By the way, on a different note, I love your new banner.

  11. mizunogirl says:

    Welcome home!!! I am jealous of your snorkleing. I have always wanted to try it, but I admit to being a wee bit afraid of sea creatures. they sting sometimes!

    I am following you , but seem to be missing a lot of posts. I will have to see how I hit follow. LOVE the puppy photos!!!! Orion is such a Ham!!!

  12. geologywoman says:

    I am always happier in my own bed and my own bathroom. So glad you had fun!

  13. robpixaday says:

    Awwwwwwww……… it good to be home?? LOL….yes!!! Being away is great, right? But there’s the what’s-going-on-at-home angst and the missing-everyone-and-everything thing…so it’s good to be back.

    And it’s GREAT to see you again!!!!!
    I’ll bet all those furry kids were THRILLED to see you!!
    I’m glad it was a good trip.

    ::sits down to wait for pix::

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