Der Onion!

Poor pup! He just now rolled over on the (twin-sized) dog bed and fell right out of bed onto the floor! He went right back to sleep, so it hasn’t seemed to have bothered him much! 😉

Here’s what I get when I try to take pics of him!

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8 Responses to Der Onion!

  1. crankypants says:

    hahaha!! That pic made me LOL. And lol at him falling out of bed. glad he’s unfazed!

    I love your header pic too!!

  2. I love it! Orion looks like he’s trying to eat the camera! It’s like the last shot in those horror films featuring some guy carrying a video camera.

    Dogs are funny that way, rolling out of bed. My cats never did anything like that, but my old pomerpoo would be in the middle of this giant snore before he suddenly tumbled off my bed. He was never hurt, but he always had this confused look on his face, like he couldn’t figure out how he got on the floor.

  3. madtante says:

    He’s got SO much energy!

  4. He is totally smiling for the camera 😀

  5. robpixaday says:

    I can HEAR him!!!!
    LOVE this!!
    But falling out of bed? (((hugs for Orion)))

  6. GOF says:

    I don’t know why I just cracked up laughing at the photo…but thanks for posting it. 🙂

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