I have tomorrow off!

Woot! I found someone to work for me tomorrow, so I can stay home and work on declutterifrickization. I took “before” pics and it will be embarrassing to post them, but what the heck. If it gets me motivated, I’m doin’ it!

I’ll declutter tomorrow because I have to work Saturday. I’ve been studying my clutter and an interesting pattern is emerging. All of this clutter actually has someplace it is supposed to be. Ok, I guess that sounds retarded. That’s what makes clutter…stuff where it’s not supposed to be…but I am sort of realizing that if I just make a tiny bit more effort when depositing the clutter in the first place….that is putting stuff where it belongs…the clutter won’t become clutter.

I know this is not rocket science. But I feel I have reached enlightenment! HAha.

Here’s a pic that my friend Marilyn took of myself and my big pup.

It’s fairly hard to get a pic of O unless he is sleeping!

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21 Responses to I have tomorrow off!

  1. elizabethannewrites says:

    Yay for tomorrow off! And yay for declutterifrickization! It’s definitely something that makes you feel good as you see results. I’ve started the paper declutterifrickization in the storage room, and I’m making progress. You will, too.

    One of my fave organization gurus, Hellen Buttigieg (a Canadian!) says, “Clutter is delayed decisions”. Too true. One puts something down thinking “I’ll deal with that in a minute” or “I’ll put that away later” and later doesn’t seem to happen. Hellen has a blog at www.http://weorganizeu.com/blog/ I think she’s great. She used to have a tv show called “Neat” that I always watched. And I’ve heard/seen her speak in person. She’s bubbly and so motivating.

    Great pic of you and Orion! He’s a big boy!!!

    • Lauri says:

      Thanks, Morgat! Thanks for the website! I was happy with this picture…I absolutely dread having my pic taken…this one was ok!

      I love that saying “Clutter is delayed decisions.” I’m going to use it like a mantra!

      • elizabethannewrites says:

        I wanna click the “like” button on this comment!

        That’s such a good pic of you. And Orion is nearly holding still!

  2. marilyn says:

    *sings* Fridays, Fridays, everyone loves Fridays…(Rebecca Black) sorry couldn’t help myself…

    And about clutter, yes I was told by Josh (yes my Josh) that if everything was put right back in it’s place it wouldn’t be a mess Duh, Einstein…now tell your sister that lol Have a great weekend give Orion a hug from his Auntie M…

  3. marilyn says:

    You are happy….and it shows…

  4. littlemiao says:

    I find your enlightenment enlightening too! I work most of the day Saturday so I think I will also start my decluttering tomorrow. My Miaolings will miss all the piles of clean blankets and clothes on the floor. It makes a great playground. Now that I think about it, that stuff probably isn’t so clean anymore…

    Your puppy is huge!!! Does he like hugs?

  5. trishc1812 says:

    YaY for unexpected Friday’s off! Decluttering….I wish I was good at it, but I’m not which is one of the reasons things get so cluttered in the first place. If I had a space for everything, then everything would be in it’s place. At least a lot more often. There is a chance that my in-laws will be at my house for Thanksgiving. That means I need to get in declutter mode about two weeks ago.

    I just love your Orion, he’s so cute. He looks very happy and so do you.

  6. You haven’t seen my “before” pictures yet! When you do, you’ll feel so much better about your place!

    My problem is that I don’t have a lot of space for my stuff, so one of my challenges is to find storage for all of my clutter. It will be interesting….

    Who knows, maybe I’ll catch the rat while I’m at it. :p

  7. madtante says:

    Enjoy! It’ll be work but you’ll be so proud and relieved to get some spaces cleared!

  8. Jaypo says:

    Awww, what a great shot of larui and her onion!

    eeep! I’m horrified–i’m on the ipad and mistyped decluttering as declittering. Ouch. Moving on… If you pretend you are moving it’ll help! One thing about having my condo on the market is it has to be viewable by strangers sometimes with very short notice. That helpsme keep things at a minimum of mess. Even thn it takes about an hour or more to make it viewable.

    I ‘m off today too!

  9. GOF says:

    You’re right Lauri……you and Mrs GOF will get on like a house on fire……and boy does she have plenty of raw material for you to practice declutterifrickization. (now if I can just hit the ‘post’ button and make this comment disappear before she reads it and belts me around the ears with a saucepan)

  10. marilyn says:

    I soooo want to “like” these comments…poop!!
    Dave and Josh went up north to bring Grandpas “stuff” I’ll be decluttering for a year now…argh…

  11. Happy pile destroying! Ohai Orion and OLauri!

  12. geologywoman says:

    Lauri, you look so young and so happy!

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