Tell me if you remember this….and was it on Vox or WP? I am pretty sure it was on Vox. We couldn’t comment, but we could “Like” the post…..no, we could “This is good” the posts. So we went around “This is good”ing everything we could find because comments weren’t working.

The reason I thought of this is because M—–l turned off comments on his last post and so I “Like”d it. Ha! That’ll teach him.

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14 Responses to Haha.

  1. M-----l says:

    Now I just need to find a way to turn off the Like button.

  2. Laurie says:

    Nicely done, Larui!

  3. I went there ASAP and clicked the “LIke” button, bwahahaha!

    Oh, Vox. *sigh*

  4. Laurie says:

    I “Liked” it, too!

  5. littlemiao says:

    LOL. The good old days on Vox.

  6. Brown Suga' says:

    Ah, Vox. I really liked that “This is Good” button – it was a great substitute for when you liked a post but couldn’t think of an appropriate comment.

    [this is good]


  7. madtante says:

    I left Vox a year before most people cos I couldn’t comment or even reply to comments on mine (as well as about 18 other technical issues). It was so unfair that others played along nicely 😦 Ah, well.

    I like to “like” things when I’m reading via mobile (harder to comment) or when I don’t know what to say but wish I had something to say ;p

  8. Emmy says:

    Remeber Favorites? Those were more meaningful to me and at some point I felt rude if I did not “This Is Good” a post once in a while. Psychological mind games!

  9. geologywoman says:

    I liked the “this is good” button. I used to chose a random language and use it for fun.

  10. I like to like as sometimes words just don’t come.

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