Good things.

I have Maple Roast Chicken with Winter Vegetables in the oven. The house smells awesome. I ordered a queen mattress set and frame to be delivered here on Saturday. I’ll have two very nice guest rooms for when the kids come home for Thanksgiving. Yay!

The delivery of this bed will necessitate the emptying of the Crap from the Crap Room.

There are Great Dane puppies in the area. Do I DARE go look???

I stocked up on just about everything I need for Thanksgiving.

Oh…one VERY good thing. My daughter-in-law’s sister was in a car accident in Houston. On the expressway. Her car was totaled, but Michelle had only minor injuries. I now have to call Sarah and find out the details. SO SO scary, but it’s ok.

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13 Responses to Good things.

  1. Glad for no injuries in the accident.

    You can always just squeeze the crap in a corner and then under the bed. Or set the new bed up in the dining room. Who needs a table anyway?

    I am going to start “liking” every post I read just because I know that little number in the corner is annoying.

  2. oh, take me with you if you go look at puppies PLEASE?????? I’m free tues, wed afternoon thurs almost all day and all day Fri……I’m having this cool picture hand done of Boo from a friend of Gabs….just wait until you see it!!
    Good luck in the crap room…I’m trying not to have one here…hmmmmm we’ll see 🙂

  3. Oh and I’m so glad about Sarah’s relative…. people drive like madmen out’s soooooooooo scary…but it doesn’t stop me, I wonder sometimes if I’m nuts…oh that’s right I am lol

    • Lauri says:

      Ken called the Great Dane people, but no answer yet. Tomorrow I HAVE to get stuff out of that room!
      Why do I never have motivation??? WHY???

      Want to have lunch on Friday???!!! Can I use anymore punctuation?!>!<!?!<!

  4. crankypants says:

    DARE TO!!!

    glad Michelle is okay. (In Houston it’s a ‘wreck’, one of the things I learned down there)

    • Lauri says:

      It was one of those super scary pile-ups. (I mean “wreck”) The traffic was completely stopped and Michelle was in the middle lane of a five lane expressway. The car two cars ahead of her didn’t stop and plowed into the cars in front of him. Then the person in front of Michelle hit them, and Michelle was the last car in the pile up. No one ran into her from the back.
      She’s going to be super sore today. And she has a chemical burn on her arm from the airbag going off. No one in the entire mess was hurt seriously, amazingly.

  5. Puppies! Go look! Even if all you do is take photos!

    What’s in the Crap Room that you have to keep? Sometimes a extra large garbage bag and a box for Goodwill stuff is all you need. I wish I could help you, but I’m clearing out my parents’ crap room now. It’s the one they sleep in. :p

    • Lauri says:

      Most of it is my Scrapbooking Crap. Crapbooking! So it’s paper and supplies that I do want to keep. I really need to neaten it up and sort it. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  6. littlemiao says:

    I agree with HG – see the puppies. You never know…

    Where will you put the Crap that belongs in the Crap Room?

    • Lauri says:

      The kittens have a bedroom all their own, so I will be moving the dresser and desk into their room. It will give them some more things to climb on and I can store my scrapbook stuff in the drawers. I need to clean out both closets and sort Christmas wrapping paper etc etc etc too.

  7. madtante says:

    Good luck for the fam. After the kids leave, I’m heading your way. No work here. You could at least hire me as a farm hand. I’m good with outdoorsy-doins and animal husbandry (not so much gardening–although I can till and plant).

    • Lauri says:

      C’mon over! Tilling and planting is about all the gardening I do! And I need someone to clean up my gardens so they will be ready for spring. Hahahaha. I laugh. It’ll wait until the spring!

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