I’m supposed to be packing…

So, of course, I must post a few things on my blob, first. πŸ™‚

I am going away for the weekend with a car full of photos and cutters and scissors and paper to spend two days in a hotel conference room scrapbooking. My cousin puts this weekend on twice a year and it’s so much fun. Nothing to do for 48 hours but organize, slice, dice and glue and arrange pictures, whilst chatting, laughing and drinking wine. All food is brought in for all meals and the appropriate snacks have been purchased and packed in the car.

So, I just had to get a picture and two videos posted before I go. First of all I moved my grandfather’s hutch out of the spare bedroom so I can enjoy it in the diningroom. It’s a great place for cats to snack without being bothered by the dogs.Β  One of my favorite things about autumn is gathering dried grasses and flowers and putting them all over the house in vases or whatever. It makes me extremely happy.

Dar and Teag surveying their kinddom.

Next I had to get out and videotape the Peeepeees before they lose their baby peeeps. For about two weeks they peeppeeppeep. Then they start these long drawn out peeeees. So, I call them the Peeepeees. I am sure my neighbors love to hear me out there saying “Hi, Peees!” I hope these videos come through. The first one’s a long one…the second is a short one.


Ok, you know what? I got the first video to work, so I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead. πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend, ma peeps!

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22 Responses to I’m supposed to be packing…

  1. elizabethannewrites says:

    That hutch is absobloominglutely GORGEOUS! And I loved seeing and hearing the peeeees (that really doesn’t sound right, but I don’t know how else to say it) and Mr. Rooster — I assume that was Mr. Rooster who chimed in at one point?

    Enjoy the wine-drinking… er, scrapbooking weekend! Be sure to give a full report when you return!

    • Lauri says:

      That was our littlest bantam rooster, Andre’, crowing. He is a bit of a turd…he’s the only rooster who tries to come up behind us and kick us. LOL!

  2. Laurie says:

    Look at all those chick-ons! I played the video sitting up in bed with all my cats about and they didn’t react to the peeeeeps but they sure noticed when the rooster chimed in.

    Have a great weekend! What a great idea you cousin had to make it an event!

    • Lauri says:

      She sells STampin’ Up and scrapbook supplies, so it’s her job. But she gets over 50 women to come to these retreats twice a year. I’ve only been to one before, but it was a blast!

  3. mariser says:

    the hutch is beautiful. love the inlaid work.
    and ditto elizabethanne on the weekendL 80%wine drinking, 15% laughing, 5% scrapbooking.

  4. trishc1812 says:

    I would love to have a scrap-booking weekend! That would be cool and so much fun, especially getting ideas from other scrap-bookers.

    Love the peeppeeppeeps

  5. I wonder if your neighbors think you’re referring to another kind of peepee, like “Mom, I need to go….” πŸ˜€

    The chickens are so cuuuute! And you really do live out in the country: I didn’t hear a car or any 21st century noises in the background of your video at all. (There’s a car driving by with its stereo booming as I write this. *sigh*) Have a good weekend! Show us the scrapbook pages when you come home!

  6. Ooooo…that is a purdy hutch!
    Ohai cheekns!
    Have fun scrapbooking πŸ˜€

  7. MT says:

    Ooo! Have fun!

  8. robpixaday says:

    WOW!! Sounds like a super weekend ahead!! Enjoy!!

    and the PEEPS are adorable! I had to shut off the sound right away and switch to earphones because Sweetie was trying to zero in on them…LOL

    Wonderful cat kingdom surveying picture!

  9. Emmy says:

    I love scrapbooking!!! I’m so glad for you! Have a good trip, and thanks for the dried stuff idea, I think it looks beautiful.

  10. GOF says:

    What a beautifully crafted hutch. Enjoy your creative weekend away.

  11. Enjoy! Love the picure and the peepees (in Norwegian it would be pipip!)

  12. Lurkertype says:

    Peep peep! The majestic herd of cheeck-ons crossing the fields of Laruiland!

    That hutch really does need to be out in a public space, it’s beautiful. And the kitties add to it. I didn’t even see Teags at first. But will it make a nice kitty step over to the shelf on the right?

    I get things crooked and glue everywhere when sober. I’d end up with a pile of scrap instead of a scrapbook and glitter in my hair and my fingers glued together.

  13. Aussie Emjay says:

    Your grandfather’s hutch is really gorgeous. We have some furniture that belonged to the manservant’s grandparents and I just love having the connection around. 10 acres! – I’m super jealous! Mind you I’m jealous of a “normal” sized yard given that our backyard is only about 16′ x 18′ πŸ™‚

  14. kimkiminy says:

    Adorable! Love all the peeping!

  15. Kzinti says:

    Chickens in the Mist… LOLOL

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