Michigan State University beat Wisconsin tonight 37-31. Last second, Hail Mary. Oh my gaaaaaaaaad.

And it’s all because of MSU Sockmonkey, Sailor Babo and Tiger the Moose. I moved them up to the mantel (danger from puppydogs, ya know)…..just after the start of the game!!!!



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7 Responses to We.Did.It!!!

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Congratulations! this was all the huge news down in Florida. I was volunteering for a triathalon that “finished ” at 1 am….and all the college kids I was volunteering with were constantly getting texted updates. Had I known it was all up to these three I would have schooled those kids appropriately!

  2. robpixaday says:

    Much happydancing there!!!

  3. amyhftw says:

    I’m exhausted and my voice is shot. I couldn’t see the Hail Mary because of the crowd in front, but BSG grabbed my jacket by the lapels and shook me while screaming OH MY GOD HE CAUGHT IT! HE CAUGHT IT! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

    I had been quiet for the last few minutes, too stressed to even make noise. Everyone went nuts on the catch, then a lot of NOOO! when it was ruled down at the one. Then slight cheers of relief when they called for a review. A slight murmur was going through the crowd and when the ref started walking out to the field to give the verdict, you could hear a pin drop. As soon as he said the ball had crossed the plane, all 75,000 of us went bezerk. It was amazing.

    Also, our seats in the upper deck were amazing. But when everyone started stomping feet, the noise and rumbles of concrete being abused was really unsettling. And freaking cool.

    GO STATE!!

  4. Yay! All you people keep knocking off the unbeatens (I’m looking at YOU Texas Tech for beating Oklahoma at home!) … so OK State keeps moving UP!

    (My Barry Sanders bobble-head can beat up your MSU sock monkey … or at least outrun him!)

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