Indian Summer

What a beautiful week we have had. Temps in the 70s. Sun. That golden color that autumn brings as the sun sets. I love it! Here are a few more photos from me. Reuben and Sheldon looking out the front window. Hey, I washed windows this week! First time in….I forget…

For the past couple of weeks I have had my koi pond partially covered with a net. We had some really cold wet rainy weather and I knew my maple tree would be dropping leaves into the pond. Luna loves to sit on the net and watch the koi. She’s also very hard to get a picture of, because every time I crouch to take the pic, she comes running over for pets.

So, it was such a gorgeous day today that I knew I had to clean that pond out and get it ready for winter. I got the net off with all the leaves removed and raked and then hauled all of the water plants out. Only the potted water lily will survive the winter. Then I scooped and scooped wet leaves out of the pond. I grabbed a frog a couple of times. He was a bit miffed at me. I got the net back on, so it should be good for winter with only a couple more filter washes. There are three koi, two pond comets and two frogs living in there.

The chicks are getting big! Darwin watched them for a long time yesterday and they pretty much ignored him the whole time. And finally, some late blooming flowers. I have this one sedum that is so pale pink….it’s really pretty. And the last one is a zinnia.

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17 Responses to Indian Summer

  1. Laurie says:

    Luna-Tuna has great camouflage for fall!

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I love Lunatunatoes. I have her twin on my lap here, eating a piece of grass that got tracked in.

    Our leaves are still green, not suitable for kitty camouflage.

  3. Ahem … “Native American” Summer … lol
    (I live right in the middle of Comanche, Kiowa, Caddo, and Fort Sill Apache country, and they all refer to themselves as Indians, btw)

    Yeah, on the rare occasions my wife actually cleans something the cats stare at it in disbelief too!

  4. mariser says:

    it cracks me up to see Sheldon sitting in that weird-Sheldon-way, even while on the bed/ seen from behind his little stick-up legs look even funnier.
    all of Tuna Marie is in focus, except for her tail
    somewhere in Dar’s brain, “why are there not running in terror? I’m a predator, damn it! I demand respect!”

    • Lurkertype says:

      You can’t get them floofy tortie tails in focus. The auto-focus just gives up.

      Oh! I read a story where they described a doggie and I thought it sounded like Shel and a few pages later they said it was a Boston Terrier. But they didn’t mention sitting funny. But I pretended it was him anyway.

  5. Redscylla says:

    Luna says, “How am I s’posed to catch dem fish if you keep a net over them?”

  6. kimkiminy says:

    Do the koi do all right through the winter?
    Our cat will watch wild turkeys as they graze through. Gets pretty close to them. They, too, seem to ignore her.

  7. What are pond comets?
    Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts! We might have hit 80 yesterday and Saturday is supposed to be rainy and 50s

  8. aubrey says:

    We were slammed with rain on Wednesday – one of the generators near work blew up…the bossette had to send us home. And yet this weekend we should be back in the 80’s. GIVE ME MY AUTUMN!!!

    (Luna is almost unbearably gorgeous.)

  9. snoringKatZ says:

    Keeeetieeeesss! Chickinz! Laruis! Yay!

  10. crankypants says:

    also cracking up @ Sheldon’s legs at the window, also wondering what pond comets are!

    The weather looks so nice. I don’t think our fall will be so pretty. July was super dry and leaves started turning brown and falling, and then it rained for the better part of 2 months so…who knows. right now things look green, dull green and brownish. The red trees I think are doing okay, but it’s not gonna be a vibrant fall I don’t think.
    My NDNs put a net over their pond too to catch the leaves. They also dug their pond deeper a few years ago so the feesh could stay in there all winter.

  11. Emmy says:

    The zinnia is absolutely gorgeous. Nice colors all around. Love the net with kitty / flowers photo too.

  12. I was wondering too if you leave the fish in the pond all winter. We couldn’t do that in Minnesota, unless you had a really huge, deep pond so the fish wouldn’t freeze. I had to bring the goldfish inside and put them in a tank; eventually they began to prefer living in the tank, so they became indoor fish.

    I miss the gold and red leaves of fall. I don’t miss raking them in giant piles and then bagging them or moving them to the city compost lot. That was a week-long job. :p

  13. energy Lauri…must share w/me pleeeaaassee???? lol I love the Fall beautiful pics

  14. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love that shot of Reuben and Sheldon looking out the window and Luna is super cute balancing on the net being teased by the fish. No pretty leaves here yet – at least not anywhere I walk nor my garden. Even my Japanese Maple is still super green. 81 here today and 83 forecast for tomorrow – simply gorgeous.

  15. robpixaday says:

    Ooooooo………….wonderful pictures!
    Your windows are positively twinkling.
    Koi! Cool! How big are they?
    LOL re the miffed frog. He (she?) probably frogblogged a rant about you later!
    Your little furry and feathered kids are all so interesting, Lauri!!

  16. Lauri says:

    Pooooh! I didn’t see all these comments until just now! So sorry I wasn’t answering…I do believe that WP has stopped telling me when I have comments.
    Anyway, the koi amaze me! They live through these crazy Michigan winters with no problems. The biggest one is probably 15 inches long. He/she is maybe 8 years old. There are two pond comets, which is just a name for goldfish that live in ponds big enough to allow them to become huge. They are also 8 years old. And I got two more small koi this year to keep Calico and the comets company. So five fishy types are in there this year. All I do is run a filter to stop the water from freezing and it allows for gas exchange…..I take out the filter pads, etc and just have flowing water going. It has worked for all these years!

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