Sheldon got skunked. Luckily I was awake early this morning (spent the last hour of sleep dreaming that I was trying to find a bathroom in my childhood church while two murderers were running from the cops in there. That church was perfect for scary dreams. It was huge and cavernous and creepy. And I had to pee soooo bad. (irl, well AND in the dream.)

So anyhoooo. I got up early, peed (yay) and got my shower/ready for work. Came downstairs, let the dogs out. Got more ready for work. Let the dogs in. Oh no. That smell. And both dogs ran up the stairs to the landing, thank gawd I had shut the bedroom door. I got the Skunk-off and called Shel down. He crept down guiltily and let me spray him with Skunk Off. Reuben would not come down the stairs. He felt so bad about the skunk smell. Finally after I called him sternly several times, while telling Shel he was a good dog for coming down, Reub crept down the stairs apologetically. He hadn’t been skunked at all. He was having brotherly guilt.

Now, I don’t THINK I got any on me. But you know darn well people are going to smell something when I go into work. Sigh. Talk about not wearing strong smells to work.

I better go grab extra scrubs in case I need to change.

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12 Responses to RLY?

  1. ladywise says:

    Oh my! What a way to start the day! I have a super keen smeller and the gag reflexer would have gone into overdrive, especially first thing in the morning. You are a strong woman!

  2. Jaypo says:

    Yer darn right, larui, I can smell it all the way over here. Skunks are the WORST! I read someplace that humans brains/noses can acclimate to any smell in the world except skunks. Maybe no animals can acclimate to it? Murphy’s Skunk Law–the first beautiful cool evening of early spring that you sleep with your windows open will make a skunk spurt spores somewhere near your window, usually around 2:30 a.m.

    OTOH, I heard coyotes howling the other night. Verrrrry magical!

  3. I’d laugh, except getting skunked is noooo fun. During a get-the-kid-to-college trip across the west, I ran into this already-dead skunk on the highway. I could smell it through the air conditioning but didn’t think it would do anything to the car until we pulled up at a rest stop. Holy crap! The other people there ran away from us and the kids didn’t want to get back in until I told them, “You wanna get stranded in the middle of North Dakota?” But I finally pulled over at this car wash and told the manager what had happened, and he said, “I got just the thing!” It was some industrial-strength deodorizer: it worked, and I was glad, even though he charged us $6 for it plus the car wash.

    It was good you already had a can of Skunk Off ready to go. But hope this doesn’t make the rest of your day stink! 😀

  4. madtante says:

    You can absolutely the contact-skunked and while it’s not as bad as a direct skunk-fumigation, it’s still BAD.

  5. This post stinks!

    Sorry … that’s the best I can do.

    (And for everyone else, Lauri knows what I’m talking about … )

  6. kimkiminy says:

    Ugh. I feel your pain. I had a dog growing up, and boy, was he dumb. Dumber than a bag of hammers. He repeatedly got sprayed, because he couldn’t get it into his head that these were NOT black-and-white kitties with especially fluffy tails. Guess who had to bathe him in tomato sauce EVERY damn time? And I did manage to get it on me, of course, every time, getting a raging headache to boot.
    You were very smart to have shut your bedroom door!

  7. Do you think skunk off would work on bathroom odours? LOL! Glad we have no such thing in Australia! Skunks, I mean!

    • Lauri says:

      I don’t know about the Skunk Off for bathroom odors, but at work we have Knockout in the bathrooms for bathrooms odors.
      I sprayed some lightly about my person when I got there to hide the skunk odor. People said they could smell it, but in a couple of hours it had dissipated. The joys of dogs.

  8. ::dumps tomato juice on Lauri:: just to be safe 😉

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