Well, what the hell…

I am exhausted. Third day of crazy computer training, learned a new computer geek word which is really stupid. “Dithered”. Which means the icon isn’t highlighted. I think that’s the stupidest word I have ever heard. It’s not undithered when it’s highlighted. Let’s just call it unhighlighted. Geeez. My job is making me cranky.

I am exhausted, however, from laughing. At jaypo’s blog post about Michelle Bachhhkkkkkkkkkkmann eating a corndog. And from reading damnyouautocorrect.com.

Oh lord, I have laughed until tears are running down my face and I am wheezing. One and a half beers hasn’t helped either.

Here is Michelle…um…..doing it wrong…

And here are a couple of the autocorrects that sent me into hysterics…

Have a lovely evening folks. One more work day and I get some days off!

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14 Responses to Well, what the hell…

  1. Emmy says:

    Nazi soup – it sounds like that iPhone has been watching too many Seinfeld episodes!

    Have you seen this? You have to wonder if these questions are real.


    • Lauri says:

      Oh man, that’s scary. But, yes, people really ARE that dumb. Look at politicians and the Octomom.

    • Are those question from Yahoo Answers? If so, it doesn’t surprise me. You have some of the dumbest people in the universe posting question there.

      I once saw a rant against Mexican immigrants there and couldn’t help leaving a response, pointing out that California and the southwestern states were all taken from Mexico by the US, and many Mexican American residents of these states are in fact natives whose families lived here before there were any Anglos, Asians or African Americans arrived. The guy then responded, “Well, why didn’t they come here the honest way, like my parents? They came from Cuba!” On the Mariel Boatlift, as it turned out. Where everyone who participated in it should have been labeled illegal immigrants, except they were fleeing a Communist country as opposed to a nice capitalist country like Mexico. So one group got labeled refugees while the other are “illegals.” *grumble, now I’ll stop*

      • Emmy says:

        Those types so obviously are looking to reaffirm their own myopic viewpoints, are looking for people preaching to the choir. (I hope your answer at least got top rating, it was surely the only good one).

        Did he pose that as a question, or a rant? I very briefly (while I could stand it) visited the pet question page. I did not mind dumb questions there, but oh, the answers! I wanted to rip my hair out. I swear, I’m all for freedom of speech but some of these people should *not* be answering questions about medicine.

        • I think I got a couple of thumbs-up, and a lot of thumbs-down for my answer. The question was posed as just as a question, but it was a leading one, something like, “Why are Mexican Americans allowed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and wave the Mexican flag in the United States? Shouldn’t they go back to Mexico if they don’t like it here?” His response to my question turned into a rant—you know how you can add more information to your question if you need to? Like that. But I was so disgusted I sent an email to Yahoo telling them their YA section was just a mosh pit of second-rate ranters. No reply to that one….

          I think it ought to be illegal to answer medical questions on YA unless you are a doctor, nurse, even a first-responder emergency tech. I’ve seen so many bad and even dangerous suggestions to people’s medical inquiries, I hoped the asker knew enough to ignore them.

          I recently stepped in and answered the question of a man whose son had died without a will and had two teenaged daughters who really needed the money and car he had left. All of the responses said the kids were automatically entitled to the estate, which is wrong. I wrote about my experience with my aunt’s estate and probate court, but noted that a judge would probably allow the girls to drive the car temporarily until the estate was settled. I got picked as best answer and got five points. Woohoo. 😉

  2. kimkiminy says:

    Maybe that was just a bad camera angle on poor Michelle:

    Never mind.

  3. Jaypo says:

    HAHAHAAAAA!! They’re even funnier w/Michelle drooling all over them!

  4. Brown Suga' says:

    LMAO @ Nazi ball soup!

  5. phantomxii says:

    I think your trainer is on drugs!

    Dithering is a nifty technique that makes an image or sound appear to have better resolution than it really does. (That’s a little oversimplified, but the Wikipedia article is a bit lengthy to reproduce here. 😉 )

    In some cases, a heavily dithered image will end up looking grainy or speckled. Maybe the trainer meant the icon looked like that? Seems like a stretch to use it that way.

    • Lauri says:

      Hmm. I’m not sure if he was using it correctly or not. (My brain is dithered)
      It’s like when you have several choices on a menu bar but some of them are pale/in the background and therefore they are unavailable to click on.
      That’s how he was using it.
      This whole computer project is going to have me using drugs.

  6. leendadll says:

    “dithered” is a graphics term. “Disabled” is probably the term they meant to use.

    • Lauri says:

      Well, thanks so much for telling me where that annoying term came from. Disabled makes much more sense.
      These poor lab techs trying to get this entire computer system going are losing their minds! And, while it sounds harsh, better them then me. 😛
      I “Just Said No”.

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