Hi, guys!

I wanted to get a post in here cuz I just came in the door from being at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, for the last two days and I get a call from work. “Can you pleeeeeeze work tomorrow?” Sigh. I said Yeah…and that means I will be working the next nine days.

But, you know what? I don’t have a child battling cancer. And I am not in chronic pain. (a friend had back surgery and it didn’t alleviate her agony one bit, so will be having more surgery soon. It hurts to watch her suffer). So I may be complaining, but I’m not really complaining, ya know?

Eeeeeeeeeeeegads. I went out twice since we got home, once to feed chickengoats and koi and collect eggs..and just now to take pics of Sailor Babo in the Butterfly bushes and the peach tree. And both times I got attacked by teensy mosquitoes. I’m itching all over!!! Still not complaining, you realize! πŸ˜‰

Cedar point was so much fun…we got to ride almost everything we really wanted to hit. Oh crap, I hit “post” when I wanted to add pics.

Top Thrill Dragster was my favorite. Accelerates to 125 mph in less than 4 seconds…goes up over 400 feet and back down. That’s it. Ride over in 18 seconds. But what a thrill! Waiting 45 minutes in the 90 degree sun was not fun, though. Bleah!

We made it onto the Maverick this year. It was an hour wait, but lots of shade. Super fun….inversion coaster, lots of dark tunnels and zooming thrills!

We went on the Magnum XL a couple of times because the wait was shorter. Didn’t make it onto the Millenium Force…hour and a half wait…no thanks!

We went on the Power Tower a few times. Almost no wait for that guy!

That one gives me the heebie jeebies. On two of the towers you sit at the bottom and are shot up about 300 feet. The creepiest one, though, slides you smoothly up to the top and you dangle there for many seconds getting more and more scared until it finally shoots you DOWN some 280 feet. Lol. That anticipation is a killer.

So, in spite of it being the worst summer ever for work, I have managed to see U2 in concert. Tim McGraw in concert. (Not a fan, but I like going with my friends and drinking beer), went up to the lake three times, went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair and the Jimmy Buffett parking lot party. My summer has been a hot, humid, itchy happy success!

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14 Responses to Hi, guys!

  1. marilyn says:


  2. marilyn says:

    Ans not that you have to work nine days in a row…for all the other stuff..YAY!!!

  3. I have this fear that I’ll be dangling from one of those rides and it will break down and I’ll be suspended there for hours on end waiting for someone to come get me down … and I’ll have to pee REALLY bad. So … I don’t ride them, lol.

    One of the rare advantages of being in the severe drought we are in is NO MOSQUITOES!

    (And just because someone else has it worse doesn’t mean you can’t complain … otherwise you’d (me, anyway) explode. Just don’t complain to those other folks.)

  4. robpixaday says:

    ::swats at the skeeters::
    Ugh…mosquitoes! Bleccch!
    9 days, hunh? (((((hugs))))))
    Take care, OK…?
    That’s great that Cedar Point was such a good time!

  5. pyrit says:

    OMG the Mav looks glooorious! Woooooooo! Go Laurie!
    Mav Mardigan!
    Just say, wheee, when you’re mixing and pouring those little vials of lab liquids over the next 9 days. Give them microbial oozey-goozies a fun ride!

  6. [Raises hand] I gots a question! Does it feel cooler when you’re flying down a roller coaster or the Power Tower? I’m thrill-ride phobic, so I don’t know. I rode the little roller coaster with my kids at the Mall of America, and I screamed so much the kids were embarrassed. (“Mom, we stopped, you can stop screaming.”)

    But it all looks fun! I’m sorry you got bit by mosquitoes. That’s one thing I don’t miss about living in the Upper Midwest. I used to put on bug repellent just to go out and get the mail!

    • Lauri says:

      Hmmm….The Power Tower is just basically a free fall….I guess the coasters are pretty much free falls, too, on their big hills. Both feel quite similar. The biggest adrenaline rush by far is that acceleration in the Dragster. Wheeeee!

  7. Hurray! I’m glad this has been such a great summer for you! I’ve been wanting to go to Cedar Point for years

  8. snoringKatZ says:

    I’m glad you’re having fun in between the not-fun! We’re having our summer vacation tomorrow. Yes, I said tomorrow. That’s summer vacation. It will be 108ΒΊ and I’ll be at Six Flags with my pre-paid free refills all day bottle bankrupting them. Or passing out. Could go either way. πŸ˜› Hee!

  9. geologywoman says:

    Well done, Lauri, you deserve some time to have fun. I know this work work work go home take shower pass out thing…get some rest, woman.

  10. madtante says:

    That’s a LOT of work–at least you’re bringing in money!

    I can’t ride rides anymore. The fusions in my spine (talk about chronic pain) since I was 15 can.not.take.it. I’m happy for anybody who can enjoy them, though!

  11. Aussie Emjay says:

    Yeah, I’m not really surprised there was no long wait for that Power Tower! I am not a thrill rider at all. I did humour the manservant about 12 years ago by riding Space Mountain at Disney; I whinged about how much I was going to hate it while we waited even as he pointed out little kids were riding it. I think he was actually surprised when we got off and I said “I told you I was going to hate it” and stormed off. LOL.

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