Ok, here are some pics.

The password in the last post is “voxpeeps” in case anyone cares.

On the two days I had off last week I drove to north Michigan to see my sis and her family. Here are some pics.

How is it possible to be too tired to plug my speakers into my computer when I just posted two entire posts? I don’t know, but I am. Too tired.

The weekend before all of the family helped my aunt and uncle move 30 tons of rock from their driveway down to the waterfront…to help stop erosion. They did most of it with buckets and wheelbarrows. Crazy people. I got started heaving rocks and wheeling them down to the lake. It was sort of addicting. And we finished the job in two days!!! Here I am about to jump into the lake with my limestone dusted clothes on and my bar of Ivory soap.

Joanna and I getting ready to tube! Wheee!

My dad helped Elijah build and stain racks to keep his baseballs on. He has been given two game balls from his coach-pitch league already! He loves his baseball!

Ruthie was making a necklace. She loves Max and Max loves her!

As usual at the lake we had gorgeous sunsets! And THEN I spotted a spidey with a web between two of the boats! I never quite got him in focus, darn it! SPIDEY ALERT!!!

Ok, I guess the focus wasn’t too bad. He was wobbling a bit in a slight breeze! 🙂

And now for the obligatory animal pics. Another attempt at showing how stringey Stringbean actually is!

And I still miss my old girl so much.

Ken and I are going to Cedar Point today. I must get goats and chickens and all outdoor plants ready for us to leave! Dogs are going to the kennel and all six cats will stay in the house! Cats are disgruntled to say the least. We will only be gone one day! Have a good one, whatever you’re having!

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12 Responses to Ok, here are some pics.

  1. Love the pictures! Cute kids, it looks like you’re having a lot of fun 🙂 Stringbean is HUUUUGE, wow!

  2. You helped move 30 tons of rocks in wheelbarrows and buckets, and you don’t know why you’re tired? Not to mention a crazy work schedule? Lauri! LOL!

    I’m so glad you had fun with your sister, and now you’re taking off for another getaway. That’s what summer is really for! You get some rest and bring back more pictures!

  3. robpixaday says:

    Whoa…hard work, bath in a lake, tube fun, adorable family….WONDERFUL!!!!!

  4. kimkiminy says:

    Gorgeous sunset!
    Your dear girl will always live on in your heart.

  5. madtante says:

    You’re amazing! I moved 7 tons of chat one day and thought I was the shizzle. I bow to you, My Lady!

    Love the picces, purdy and pets and babies!

  6. crankypants says:

    Great pics! The one of your dad & Elijah is really sweet (and the “Have you hugged your cat today?” sticker in the background, haha).

  7. Emmy says:

    The spider photo is crazy cool. With a sunset in the background? Like, are you kidding me? That is gorgeous. Love the Lake photos too. You look great and what a nice spot! Do you guys swim there too?

  8. geologywoman says:

    my fav is Elijah in the workshop. how precious he is!

  9. Redscylla says:

    HAHA! Max is as big as Ruthie!!

  10. Aussie Emjay says:

    Ruthie is such a cutie. The image of you jumping fully clothed into the lake with your bar of soap made me smile.

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