The sky has opened up and we are getting the most magnificent downpour! It’s so dark! Looks like a good rainstorm, though and not scary stormy stuff….maybe….:)

I don’t care. I LOVE scary stormy stuff! Wheee!

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15 Responses to Yay!

  1. madtante says:

    Good luck w/ that. We tend to be on the scary side…

  2. Hurray! Gotta love the good storms 😀

  3. You’re making me miss the Midwest and thunderstorms. Stop it! Out here it’s sunny and dry with a little breeze from the Bay blowing. It’s perfect and I feel guilty for saying this, but it’s sooo boring.

    • Jaypo says:

      That’s the second time in a few weeks you’ve said that, HG! I’d say you miss the Midwest and thunderstorms.

      Endless nice weather can be boooring. I’m in love with the duplicity of weather!

      • What can I say? A cloudless blue sky is just like staring at a giant blue tarp over your head. I could drive to the seashore and look for clouds there, but I really miss the roiling, dark green sky of a prairie thunderstorm. They could be scary, and I have photos of when one dropped a couple of trees down on our house. But I can also remember when we were driving through Nebraska and were actually following a storm. We’d come upon fallen trees and debris all over the roads, and we could see lightning strikes on the horizon. But the clouds! The black and jade green clouds whirling overhead were like huge beasts running across the sky. I could understand why Willa Cather loved the area, even as she criticized the people.

        • Willa Cather…the only assignment I ever failed in hs was doing a timed writing on My Antonia because I *cough* didn’t really read the book. I didn’t like it very much.
          Anyway, changing weather. It can be great and it can be annoying. I really do enjoy how varied it is here in CO

          • I don’t know why they assign My Antonia to high school kids: maybe because they think the students will identify with Jim and escaping from a small town? I preferred A Lost Lady and Cather’s short stories, like “The Sculptor’s Funeral.”

            I have to say I don’t miss snow. I took a detour 100 miles out of my way to avoid driving in a blizzard that hit the Siskiyous in January. It was dumb of me to not expect snow in the mountains at that time of year, but it had been dry and mild up to that point. The weather shifted so abruptly within a week, I might as well been in Minnesota.

            • Yeah…freshmen do no such thing. Maybe I’d reread it at some point, but there are other books I’d rather get into if possible. 😀
              I’m not missing the snow right now. Haha, warm temps are so much better, aren’t they?

              • Lauri says:

                I get really antsy if I have to live in clear cloudless weather for more than a week. Boooooooring!
                I love clouds and snow and fog and rain and thunder and lightning. It’s all sunny and clear again today, but the rain yesterday was very badly needed. It’s 98 degrees! Extremely HOT!

  4. homebody says:

    This sounds great! I miss thunderstorms, too.

  5. Jaypo says:

    I wish we’d get a good downpour! All week in the 90’s and no rain. I think I’ll shrivel up and die but it’s too humid. Maybe we’ll get another tornado watch!

  6. Emmy says:

    Yeah, we had a big wind up here yesterday, conditions were supposed to be ripe for another tornado, we didn’t even get a thunderstorm. Boo! It seems like we rarely get that wondeful thunder and lightning show any more. That used to be one of my favorite parts of summer – seeing the sky light up.

  7. Emmy says:

    Wind-up meaning like a wind-up doll. Funny, that English. 😛 :0

    • Lauri says:

      OH! LOL!
      I did think you meant you had a big wind…..I really had to study what you meant in your second comment to “get it”. How I mourn losing my brain!

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