Watch out!

When you are in public it is no longer safe to pick your nose or scratch your boob. Or butt if you have no boobs. My friend Caroline’s husband, Jeff, found this picture of us in the crowd at the U2 concert. Ken had gone to the snackbar, so he missed out, but Jeff, Caroline and I are here on the crowdcam! Soooo weird! 🙂 Yet, cool!

Jeff photoshopped arrows at us. Wheee!

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12 Responses to Watch out!

  1. Jaypo says:

    Woweee! Your face is recognizable by millions now. Only I can barely see you it’s so teensy…

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    Cool but also sort of worrisome……. the world’s an “open” place nowadays – a record of everything we do and everyone we hang out with could end up on a public forum. Actually I’ve said before that living in DC I must feature in zillions of tourist shots so I feel almost obliged to always have my happy face on when I’m outside the house.

  3. At first I stared at the photo, thinking ‘Where? Where? I don’t see anyone picking their nose or scratching their boobs!’ But there is one guy who looks like he’s grabbing his face, lol.

    I did get caught on one crowd cam at the Minnesota State Fair. I was stuffing a giant ice cream cone into my face, so happily, no one could tell it was me.

  4. marilyn says:

    that is a little creepy, good thing you were behaving yourself at that moment 😉

  5. It’s really inconvenient when someone then posts it on the internet for even more people to see.

    Oh wait! You posted it … lol.

  6. GOF says:

    During breaks in our cricket matches the cameramen used to focus on girls in bikinis in the crowd to show on the big-screens. Management then decided this sexist behaviour was unacceptable, so now they pick out any odd behaviour such as nose-picking and arse-scratching instead.
    Apparently I am in a politically-incorrect minority wanting the girls back again. 🙂

    • Lurkertype says:

      I am as feminist as all get-out, but I’d rather see the girls in bikinis than some ugly bloke picking or scratching. Methinks the cameramen should have merely been told to divide up their shots between girls in bikinis and handsome chaps without shirts. And maybe cute babies.

      • GOF says:

        I think that’s what the cameramen (and sorry…they ARE all men…room for improvement in that department) are supposed to do, but after two hours watching cricket in the hot sun most of the shirtless good-looking guys have had too much to drink and all that’s left to show is their unsociable behaviour. 🙂

  7. snoringKatZ says:

    Nothing will ever stop my nose-picking, strap-adjusting, boob-wrangling or butt-scratching. I figure if you’re looking, you deserve whatever you see. 😉

  8. madtante says:


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