This is all very unimpressive. Unpressive? Depressive? Approximately two months ago I undertook to have our old bathtub removed and replaced. Ken doesn’t care to initiate home repair projects…or even to hire anyone to do them, so I called a place that was recommended by a co-worker, the salesman came out and said “We can replace the tub, fix any flooring that’s damaged underneath, and put up walls and a ceiling around the tub which will look glorious for all eternity.” (paraphrasing).

The bit about fixing the floor was a direct quote however. He gave a price and said they could do the job in two days.

Ken and I went up to their showroom, checked stuff out and they seemed competent, reliable and professional. We signed up.

It will take four weeks to order the tub. Doh. I was envisioning getting all this done within the month of May, when I wasn’t working every single day of my life. Ok, fine, we wait for the tub. Ooops, they checked the tub out when it arrived and there was a defect. Order another one. Finally a tub shows up. The Guy comes out to start installation. I run home from work at break time to let him in and make sure he knows what’s going on.

He tells me that there is nothing on his work order for fixing the floor except for the area right under the tub. Well, doesn’t do me much good if the floor is rotten outside the tub, under the linoleum, about 6 inches out. I say “The salesman said you would take care of the floor.” Well, it’s not in his orders.

Meanwhile he puts the tub in and discovers that it, too, has a flaw. The water is pooling in the back end of it. They have to order another tub from the factory.

Ok, fine. We have more than one bathroom. Leave this one trashed and get in a new tub. And get the crap figured out about if you are fixing the floor or not.  Today I raced home after work because the tub is here, and the Guy is here to put it in. He says “You left a message at the office that someone else is fixing the floor, right?” Um, no. I talked to the salesman and then to the owner of the company and he read me the work order saying the floor would be fixed. Nope. That’s not what this guy heard.

Phone calls to bosses and to the salesman. Blah-de-blah-de-blah. They finally decide they will fix the floor. But it’s too late today. He’ll come back tomorrow and start working on it. Who knows when we will find a day that I will be off and they can come back. Phucket. I could have been happy with a corroded tub the rest of my life.

I am really easy going. I don’t sweat about stuff. But for god’s sake, these guys act like they have never done a job before in their lives. And they have supposedly been in business for 33 years. What the heck? It’s like the Three Stooges.

I plan on telling them how unimpressed I am with everything. Here’s hoping the darn floor doesn’t fall through into the crawlspace. I will also be telling them that I had people at work waiting for my recommendation of these guys and, gosh darn, I won’t be able to recommend them to ANYone.

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22 Responses to Underwhelmed.

  1. Bathroom remodeling is the pits. The PITS. Even if you have an extra bathroom, the mess, the plumber shutting off the water and telling you not to throw anything down the drain, the rot (there’s always rot in the bathroom), the contractor….it’s enough to make even the saintliest person scream and grab a machete.

    It sounds however like this particular company is run by a bunch of monkeys on crack. You can tell them I said so, too.

    My worst remodeling experience came when we decided to build a new garage. The company was recommended by friends, but when the workmen began building the garage, I noticed the threshold to the door was a foot above our driveway. I asked the supervisor about it, and he said “That’s what’s written in the work orders.” I called the sales rep and found out they didn’t mention anything about grading the driveway before constructing the garage, so I halted the project, which freaked them out. They finally agreed to pay for most of the cost of putting in an asphalt ramp from the existing driveway to the garage door so I could actually put my car inside. But I was wondering what the contractor was thinking—that I was going to do an Evel Knievel and leap my car into the garage every night? Gah.

    • Lauri says:

      Oh my god. I just don’t understand this kind of weirdness. I told this guy that I was learning something about hiring a company that has a salesman and someone else actually doing the work. I told him I will not be going this route again.
      I am going to put all of this into an email to the company’s owner, too. I mean wtf.
      Just shows you how little experience I have with remodeling projects. My dad has always done them ALL. I wanted to give him a break. He is slowing down and I didn’t want it to be too hard on him. He’s going to laugh his ass off at me.

    • geologywoman says:

      Well done with the garage! Over here it can be even worse because people’s idea of being on time is like plus two hours to two days. Very annoying. (I turn into “the rude American” phoning and yelling at people, LOL)

  2. GOF says:

    Incompetent tradesmen are part of the reason I try to do most things myself……even if they end up looking like crap, so long as they work properly I don’t care what the job looks like. Your story makes me feel pretty good after once taking a week to instal a bathtub, a job which probably would have taken a good tradesman 2 hours to complete. The things Mrs GOF has to put up with. 🙂
    I hope your present schmozzle sorts itself out very soon Lauri.

  3. I’ve been informed that it’s pronounced “poo-ket” …

    Yeah, stuff like that really burns my rear. We had carpet installed and on the work order it plainly said THEY would move ‘up to five’ pieces of furniture. I moved a tiny table out of the room so there would be exactly five pieces of furniture in the room … and the guy acted like he was expecting me to move the rest of it or pay him extra. Luckily I had a copy of the work order and read it to him and then walked into the room and loudly counted pieces of furniture … and silently vowed to never use his company again. Nor will I recommend them.

    You are right about the floor. If they’re not going to fix it all they may as well just pack their shit and go home … and they should freaking know that.

    • Lauri says:

      Yeah. And to make such a big damn deal about it all…..if they want ANY kind of word of mouth “good press” they would have calmly and professionally said “I’ll check with the salesman and my boss and we will get this worked out.”
      They act like they have never seen a rotten floor before. And I can promise you this floor is not as bad as most that they must come across. I don’t get it.

    • Lauri says:

      I’m wondering if it’s the actual workmen that don’t want to do one more thing than they actually have to. No furniture moving. No replacing rotten floors. Not without a huge fight.
      I wonder if emailing/phoning the company owner would change a darn thing.

  4. crankypants says:

    Ugh, what a load of crap. I’m glad you are telling them you are less than thrilled with them, and that you can’t give a recommendation to your coworkers who want it. That’ll learn em. Maybe. Also, see if they are listed on yelp.com and tell your story there. And Angie’s List if you want to sign up.

  5. Jaypo says:

    It’s time for Holmes on Homes. I hope you didn’t give them any money. They usually think they can pull something over the unsuspecting owners. Like my dad’s new place, the gasket under the shower door is broken and water gets all over the floor. He called a local bidness called something like “Shower doors and less…” haha! The guy told him the entire door set up would need to be replaced. What a rip off.

    I’m kind of like you in that I’ll keep giving someone another chance–after chance after chance–thinking the screw up was just a fluke. I’ve learned to watch those guys like a hawk. They hate that too.

  6. geologywoman says:

    Alas, as I read your entry here I knew what was coming. These people are worse than electricians, they have you by the short and curlies. There will be a special floor in hell for them like for lawyers and reporters in the Woody Allen film (it was full up, LOL). YOu should nag and nag them to death till they are happy to finish the job to get you off their back. That is my strategy. And show your anger too. That is effective. “I am VERY disappointed!” “I will be wanting a refund on this thing and that thing or I will contact the better bus bureau!” And phone their head office, is this a chain? Bark better than bite in this case.

  7. madtante says:

    I don’t have anything to suggest but definitely photographing as geologywoman suggested is GOOD. It’s your home, they can’t bitch.
    We’ve rarely had anybody come in that we don’t know. The farmhouse is a total POS because we did half of it (and by “we” I was not born yet through only months old–that means Papa and his drunken cronies and some of mum’s relations). It’s horribly put together yet still stands, at least.
    I tend to not like to show anything negative (hence bitching ALL THE TIME in a blog) because I’m a bit SCARED of everybody and everything. I have that great defense part of me but it only comes out when I feel my life is threatened. Anything else and I’d prefer to duck and hide. This is when GRAM was so handy. She’d poke around with them, tsk, tell them her grandsons could do better as 3 yo, drinking Jack Daniels out of a bottle and offer to call
    “Mr. Hagney” (her attorney–and she DID all the time).

  8. Goodness, what a hassle! I saw in your next post that you’re feeling better after talking to the sales guy, so that’s good. Will there be pics when your bathroom looks amazing?

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