Coral Bells, gardens, some cats and a dog




Hello. Well….this picture somehow posted itself at the top of the post even though it was the last one I tried to paste in. Meh. Fine, I’ll talk about that one first. I love my alliums! Big ol’ purple alien heads, swaying in the wind. And they smell so good! The white “Snow in Summer” is one of my favorite flowers. Pure pure white. I saw a black petunia at the nursery so I bought it just because it was so different.

Well, I was supposed to head over to Chicago today to see my sis and the kids. Last night sis texted me saying that one of the kids was throwing up. I haven’t been feeling super great myself for the last couple of days, so I opted (and sis agreed) to stay home rather than share my germs with them and bring theirs home. I’m a bit disappointed but we will all be at the lake in July so that will be fun.

Work has been hairy. Not super crazy, but I am working all the time and it will therefore be nice to have these three days off.

Now, to my gardens. I am going to post pics of a couple of the gardens that are in good shape. I love my Coral Bells plants. They are perennial. They are hardy…pretty much always coming back after even the hardest of winters. And they have so many fun varieties…and name them fun names, which makes me even more likely to buy them!

This one is named “Sweet Tea”. The one after it is “Peach Flambe'”. Third one down is “Creme Brulee”. Then “Key Lime Pie”. After Key Lime Pie is “Venus”.  Next I will try to post “Blackout” . *drumroll*

Whew! It worked! Ok, so as not to break a nearly perfect record of “animals in every post”…here’s a few cats and a dog. Three weeks ago we had hard driving rain for an entire day. Stringbean (Great Hunter) was out in this storm all day long, having a blast hunting who-knows-what?….he returned home drenched. I mean wet to the skin and every move he made showered me with water. I have never seen a wetter cat.

Sheldon, Eli and Teagan stayed inside and dry all day. Who had more fun? Hard to say…

Ok, I’m done for now! Out to the gardens!

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17 Responses to Coral Bells, gardens, some cats and a dog

  1. crankypants says:

    OMG the wet cat is HILARIOUS! and the other pics are cute too!

    I planted some of those plants here at the office, I never knew the common name but something like huechara, I never remember, coral bells is easier to remember. I ordered a variety pack of 3, and one of them got weedwhacked by the landscapers who can’t ID a plant from a weed (come ON) and never came back. The other 2 of course are the same, and I think they look like….I think the last ones pictured. I think this is the 3rd year they’ve been in the ground, they haven’t spread all that much but they do seem pretty hardy (as long as they aren’t whacked back…)

    Those black petunias are so cool! I have alliums like that but the NDNs planted a shrub next to them and I think they don’t get enough sun so after the first year (when they were picked by the busybodies) they are kind of lame. Maybe one of these days I’ll either cut back that bush or transplant the alliums. The ones I ordered were supposed to be persian blue, but they gave me the reddish purple. which are okay but I wanted more of a bluish scheme out front. I could bring them to the office.

    Bummer about the cancelled visit, but I hope you are feeling better soon!

    • Lauri says:

      The alliums in that picture are “gigantus” species…I have a smaller species that bloomed and pooped out in about two days. They were bluish, too. But nowhere near as impressive as these guys!

      I think I might need to move the “Blackout” coral bells to a sunnier spot. He’s looking sort of weenie.

      • crankypants says:

        I was just outside and my coral bell leaves are just a regular green, I dunno what I was thinking, though I think the new leaves are more of a darker brownish green, from what I was seeing.
        and my alliums are not nearly that gigantus, I did notice the leaves are different.

        • Lauri says:

          I just got back from the nursery…bought two more coral bells. A “Midnight Rose” and an “Obsidian”.
          I am such a sucker!
          I have wanted a Midnight Rose for a couple of years, though….dark burgundy leaves with pink spots!

          My plants’ leaves do vary quite a bit in color depending on the time of year and the amount of sun.

  2. Jessica says:

    Our cat Spyder used to fall in the bathtub when she was a kitten. String Bean looks about that wet. 🙂

  3. I love alliums too! They remind me of Dr. Seuss flowers, but the color is so pretty. I was surprised to see them planted in front of a lot of the fancy apartment buildings in New York. They’re related to the onion—you’ll know immediately if you ever cut an allium bulb by accident—but the flowers don’t smell at all like an onion.

    Stringbean must be a tough cat! All of my Might Hunters came running back as soon as the sky opened up. The big tuxedo was the worst: he used to run in soaking wet and jump on the couch with his muddy feet and dripping fur—and he was a longhair! If we didn’t let him in, he’d scream and yowl until the neighbor called and yelled, “Your CAT is on your doorstep! Let him in or I will call the POLICE!” (She hated cats, that awful old lady.)

    You take care of yourself and give yourself a lot of rest. Chicago won’t walk away this summer (well, with the weather being what it is, it might get picked up by a tornado), but you sound like you need lots of tea and naps. Have a good time off!

    • Lauri says:

      String amazes me. It’s almost as if he becomes “wild” at times. And he looks like a cheetah.
      I keep trying to get pictures to show how his mama, Luna, is a tubby round butterball and he is a ….stringbean!

      • Lurkertype says:

        Previous Kitty had that double coat, so it if was only raining a little, he’d sit down and floof out so he was like a dandelion. Then he’d come in, with his skin still dry and get everything else wet. He finally grudgingly allowed us to wipe off his big muddy feet.

        Neither of the current kittehs have been out in the rain. I still remember TK’s sitting in the window looking out at his first rain with Big Round Eyes. He was 3 months old and it hadn’t rained in 4 months; he’s lucky we got him living inside before that.

  4. madtante says:

    That looks like one pissed kitteh!

    Sorry your work is hectic. I hope that makes you extra money! I hope you enjoy the profile as much as I did cos I’m not joking–we 3 girls snotted ourselves laughing so hard!

    • Lauri says:

      Omg what a strange story that has turned out to be! I am VERY glad you didn’t meet him in person. I think one of the giveaways was that he had GOD in capital letters. Not a good sign. Snort.

  5. GOF says:

    It is amazing how your gardens respond so quickly after the snow melts away. Your photographs are wonderful and I am amazed at all the different colors of foliage….here it is mostly different shades of green.
    Hope you get to do your Chicago trip soon when everyone is healthy again.

    • Lauri says:

      It’s always amazing to me, too, now everything gets right into the growing season with a gusto as soon as it’s barely warm enough. A whole lot of reproducing going on!
      Birds, bees, flowers, you name it!

  6. littlemiao says:

    I love all of your garden plants! It’s giving me ideas – I want some alliums and that snow in summer is so pretty…

  7. Zoe says:

    Oh that poor wet cat! We’ve had a few cats falling in the bath (while one of us was in it) over the years, it’s always a little funny and sad to see them like drowned rats! I think I’d prefer to be nice and dry inside.

  8. leendadll says:

    I found black petunias a few years back. Only got 1 season out of them and have never seen them at the store again. I think they were meant for cooler zones.
    I love all your pretty plant pictures!

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