Ok, so…

The last three days have been gorgeous and I was gardening like crazy. It was so fun. I love digging in dirt. And moving rocks around. And plants. I usually can’t bring myself to just kill most plants so if they are somewhere I don’t want them to be I just move them somewhere else. Weeds do get pulled up and fed to the goats and chickens.

Yesterday it reached a wonderful 87 degrees. Last night we had some fun thunderstorms. No wind, just lots of lightning, thunder and rain. Buckets and buckets of rain. The plants will all be so happy!

Today it’s 53 degrees and raining. I should clean out a closet….maybe later…but for now Sheldon is giving me the “time for a nap” look. See yas later. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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28 Responses to Ok, so…

  1. crankypants says:

    Sounds good to me. I need a goat and chicken for my weeds. which comprise half my yard. I just mowed and I swear it smelled like a spring mix salad. (no dressing)

    • Lauri says:

      Lol at the (no dressing). Hopefully minus the boiled eggs, too!

      It is so wet the ground is squelching today. So glad I took advantage of the good days.

  2. Kzinti says:

    Actually had to turn the heater on this morning. Got down to the 40’s ehre last night. Was 68 in the house when I woke up. Would have been a good day to sleep in until noon, but duty calls and I had to come in to work.

  3. Emmy says:

    Have a good nap! I love listening to the thunderstorm as I fall asleep. Ives sits by the window and watches the lightning, the big dummy. I hate killing plants in the way too! Feeding them to the goats is a wonderful idea – now I wish I had goats to browse on the plants that were cast aside (they went into the compost or back to fill in divets). I’m envious of your weather – its still very cold here!

    • Lauri says:

      It is super cold again here, too! Back into the 40s and spitting and misting a cold gray rain. But at least we had a few beautiful days. SO badly needed!

  4. littleoddme says:

    Grrr – for the record I hate that there is no place that comes up when I come to your page for me to sign in. I have to open a separate window, go to the main WP page and sign in and then F5 this page. Bastids.

    Ahem. OK, over that now. I found most of our weeds are edible. Even the horrid knotweed that infests our garden area. I try and eat most of them. 😛 Our landlord did say to get a goat to deal with it, but I just feel that a goat would be too much work during winter for feed and shelter and such.

    Hope you had/are having a great nap. It’s a wonderful day for it here too – I just woke up from three hours of postprandial snoozling myself. 🙂

    • Lauri says:

      Bastids is one of my favorite woids. For everybody!!

      Goats are super dooper easy. They eat grass, etc. all summer. In the winter we give them alfalfa hay and a grain sweetfeed for a snack. They don’t require much cleaning up after. We shovel out their shed about twice/three times a year.

      When my old guys pass away I am going to rescue a couple of meat goat kids at a goat rescue near here. I love having on-the-hoof recyclers!

      • littleoddme says:

        What about shelter? We have an old metal shed and I assume I’d have to insulate it for them (duh). And what about keeping them contained – we have no fences, and it seems so cruel to just chain them up all the time, though I’ve had plenty of friends who staked out their goats. I also can’t imagine having just one – I just am one of those loons who believes that animals should be with their own kind for companionship, or at least a companion animal of some sort.

        Sorry B – I’m hijacking your blog with goat discussions.

        At least it’s not fart jokes this time. 😀

        • littleoddme says:

          Wait. I apologized to B and not to L. By the time I got that far down the comments I’d forgotten whose bloody blog I was on. Let the fart jokes begin!!! 😛

          • Lauri says:

            Goats, farts, hijacks. They’re all good. Actually goats fart like crazy and it’s really stinky. Methane! Gaaaaaah!
            We have a shed, it’s not insulated, but we line it with straw in the winter. The goats get a nice thick coat. We do have a heat lamp going on bitter nights and days, but that’s about it.

    • geologywoman says:

      What do dandelions taste like? I have heard they are very edible (by humans).

      • littleoddme says:

        The leaves a pretty neutral taste. More like a lettuce than anything. I haven’t really eaten the flowers. The roots, when sliced finely and boiled to make a liver tonic tincture, taste like the arse end of a gibbon.* Really really really horrid – and turned my bad liver count around completely in only one month. I now grow my own dandelions in huge pots, because it’s easier to harvest the root if I don’t have to use a knife to dig it out of the ground (they snap off very easily).

        * Not that I’ve tasted the arse end of a gibbon, let me just make that clear.

  5. snoringKatZ says:

    I’m too lazy to dig in dirt. At least not consistently. I like Sheldon’s idea very much!

  6. Gardening for three days sounds so nice! I wish I had a big garden. One day. Then I will invite you over to jump on my trampoline and admire my garden. 😀 Hehe. Funny, we had 80s last weekend, then rain, yesterday was nice, and more rain today. It’s getting so green here!

  7. geologywoman says:

    What wonderful ways to spend time. Gardening and napping. Argh with the cleaning out closets. I know it has to be done, though. I often chuckle to myself I would be very happy being someone’s gardener. If they could handle the organic thing.
    Well done re-using the weeds! We never do that; rabbits hate dandelions, chickweed and grass (snork). I wish I had a goat too. Sigh! I oft think to get chickens but I worry they will attract foxes…so far we seem to have avoided foxes (the runs are all fox-safe but just the terrorising aspect of it is enough to worry me). Two houses away they did not and they have (had actually) their chickens free range (bless – I would have them in a run here).
    I have a pile of clean laundry on the dining table AND upstairs in the 3rd bedroom wanting to be folded. ew.

    • littleoddme says:

      I’ve always had chickens free range. Foxes are mostly crepuscular, so I just fed my chickens about three hours before dusk and locked them up in their run at that point, then let them out well after daylight in the morning. I never lost one in Australia, but I haven’t tried it here. Contemplating getting some at the moment. 🙂

  8. geologywoman says:

    Some “weeds” I keep (def of a weed is unwanted plant) – poppies – the little red ones, I love them!, hollyhocks, buddlea (both get huge here), little daisies, nettles, and something with tiny white flowers the butterflies love. Funny, everyone else here thinks the hollyhocks suck and plant honeysuckle and of all things morning glory—-AAAAAH! I am from North Carolina! Morning glory is the most hated weed perhaps!

    • littleoddme says:

      My my I am chatty today – it also did my head in to see plants in people’s gardens here in the US (or godforbid actually for SALE in nurseries) that in Australia we consider to be noxious weeds.

      OK I’m off to tackle our much neglected laundry now. Keeping up with the Joneses and all that.

  9. madtante says:

    The only part of “gardening” I don’t mind is spring planting-time. If you like weeding, you are more than welcome to work here! We’ll feed you!

  10. I must dig, prune, pluck, tuck, weed, mow or plant every day just to feel alive. I am on my second planting of salad greens already. I plant them each month so I always have fresh ones. I put in a second bed of garlic and am getting ready to plant taters under the maters before the roots get too developed. Just a test really. I have never grown potatoes so I am really just trying out a few. Not looking for a bumper crop but wanting to see what I get and from what. I am doing fingerlings because they are samll and strange. I figure they will need less room?
    We are in the 50’s today and am not loving it. I made a potroast and that helped with the cooler day yesterday.
    My yard is so small that I can do all kinds of things without tiring.

    • Lauri says:

      My yard is way too big, but I have learned to just do what I want to do.

      I’m making chicken and dumplings and banana bread today. It’s raining SO hard and it’s 40 degrees!!!! Whoa!

  11. LBeeeze says:

    Good for you. You deserved some warm, beautiful weather after that long hard winter.

  12. pyrit says:

    So many great comments and I have questions or replies for so many of them! My, what interesting peeps.
    I’ll just say I like your recent posts about moving rocks. Done that a bit myself. Aint it awesome what we can do with a little leverage and a wheelbarrow. It is easier to move a big rock one mile than it is to budge it one inch to the left because it didn’t fall exactly how you wanted.
    Have fun. I bet your garden is looking great.

  13. aubrey says:

    Bugs make all things wrong.

    I was digging dirt and planting herbs, happy and sublime…until I saw a worm. And I immediately stopped; and never did anything remotely like that again. It must have been 10 years ago.

    I will never move a rock – no matter how loudly it needs to be moved – because what in the world would be living underneath?

    Bugs are bad – and you are extremely brave!

  14. kimkiminy says:

    Crazy spring weather! It’s been cold, drizzly and foggy here the past couple of days, and will be for another couple of days. It’s all my fault: I put away all my winter clothes for the season and brought out all my summer clothes.

  15. Aussie Emjay says:

    I think my back would give up if I spent 3 whole days gardening! And I’m like Aubrey when it comes to moving rocks. I’m going to plant more veggies this year (in containers) though I love flowers to look at, the veggies will be handier to have.

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