A Mother’s Day Hangover

Ok, I am still feelin’ the Mother’s Day spirit..and I have a day off finally, so I am going to post a couple of pics of my kids! They are so awesome and now I have an awesome daughterinlaw (of the past six years) and a brand new awesome soninlaw! YAY! πŸ˜€

This was the morning of the wedding rehearsal! Sheila, Ashlee’s maid of honor, Ashlee and Ross. Yes, we are at Big Boy! Yay!My mother, myself and my motherinlaw….there we are!

My dad, my oldest son Adam and his wife of almost 6 years(!) Sarah!

Youngest son, Aaron, helping decorate at the hall.

The whole kit and kaboodle at the wedding. Ah, what a nice day!

Now, I am having a day off (not an off day! ha!) and I need to get down to the fence line and find good stones for making a nice new rock garden on Calli’s grave. There are some good ones….but I have to see how many I can actually move! With a shovel and a dolly I am thinking maybe up to 100 pounds!

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31 Responses to A Mother’s Day Hangover

  1. madtante says:

    You all look so happy!!!

  2. Emmy says:

    Your family has the nicest smiles. That looks like a nice time. Enjoy your day off, you hard working girl. And watch your back, those rocks sound heavy! Have some tea too, will ya? Ginger! πŸ˜‰

  3. the second last pictue is so typical of my mother’s paparazzi pictures of me and my sis; we’re doing something, and suddenly the flash goes off. Gives a lot of odd expressions, though Aaron seems to have mastered the nocholant one πŸ™‚

  4. Beee very careful! You might be a superwoman, but 100 lbs. of rocks is still 100 lbs. Plus they’re very unforgiving. I was helping Dad do some landscaping and there was this huge boulder that he wanted moved out of this one flower bed. We were able to lift it onto a wheelbarrow, but the barrow flipped on its side and dropped the rock on my foot. I think I shocked him with my vocabulary—he said he didn’t think “nice girls” knew words like that. (But he ought to know by now I’m not a nice girl, harhar.)

    Your family looks so happy! Except for your dad, who probably isn’t the smiley type. Enjoy the sunshine and the free day!

    • Lauri says:

      I exaggerated the rock weight. The ones I could actually move at all were probably only 60 pounds. I did almost drop one on my foot, though! The others are so big they would require a backhoe!
      Dad is happy as a clam, but you are right….reserved! πŸ™‚

    • geologywoman says:

      LOL with the nice girls. I bumped my head 2 days ago and screamed a very very bad word. Well, a few of them. I am sure the old lady next door dropped her teacup if she heard me.

  5. Inga says:

    You and Ashlee have the same smile! Fabulous bloody wedding dress, too.

  6. littlemiao says:

    lovely photos. everyone looks so happy! πŸ™‚

    don’t work too hard – moving 100lbs of rocks sounds pretty challenging!

    • Lauri says:

      The 100 pound size I can usually just roll onto a dolly, but the ones I found were either about 60 pounds and I could carry those….or they were absolute monsters and there was no way I was budging them at all!

      • geologywoman says:

        60 pounds. Woman! Can you come over here and volunteer in the shop? I struggle with 20 lbs!

        • Lauri says:

          I would love to volunteer at the shop!
          I am used to slinging 50 pound bags of goat and chicken and dog food all over the place. I make myself do it…it’s good exercise!

          • geologywoman says:

            I pulled my back out with the 20 kilo bag of rabbit pellets. Poor Masha. I make him go get it now.

  7. phantomxii says:

    Big Boy works just fine for me. πŸ™‚

  8. geologywoman says:

    All I could think of was I want a double decker burger. LOL – not really only halfway thinking that. Also I noted how much Ashlee looks like you. Such a gorgeous face and smile! Sheila has some healthy choppers. I am getting so used to British teeth, that straight white teeth look almost weird. (let me interject I find crooked teeth within reason, on men, quite sexy and always have)
    Adam looks like your dad and someone famous but I can not place the person.
    Do not hurt your back with these rocks. Move them with something that rolls like a wheelbarrow!

  9. aubrey says:

    That cutie flower girl is wearing a circlet of flowers like Grace Van Cutsem at Phillip’s and Kate’s wedding!

  10. Aussie Emjay says:

    Great collection of photos -lots of happy people.

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