Teagan the hunter.

Well she was gone for two nights and I always start to wonder if an owl/coyote has them at that point.

But late last night Teagan came back…a note from hubby is on the counter! “She’s back!”

I hate letting the cats outside but you should see them. 10 acres here, with 800 acres across the road. And they are in heaven when they are out spooking around the property. If only they would stay in our yard!

What a relief! Silly Teagert! Stay home!

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24 Responses to Teagan the hunter.

  1. pyrit says:

    So glad she’s back! What a cute note from hubs. She may have been staying safe up a tree until whatever might have scared her went away?
    I “control” Percy with fudz. No breakfast until he’s done his morning outdoor rounds. He always comes back early for breakfast, and stays in unless I’m home. If I’m home he can go out because he sticks around the yard. Then no fudz until dinner and I never let him out after dinner (which is fed later in the summer). If I let him out after dinner he would be gone all night. It’s not a perfect plan, but it usually works.

  2. madtante says:

    Aw! I had a kitteh who would be gone 2 weeks, the longest. I got scared only after it was 10 days or so. He was hit by a car (no fooling, even in the country, he just HAD to ramble!). I guess they have to be themselves!

  3. Laurie says:

    The only time I’ve lost a cat to a car was one night when my live-in flouted our established rule of “don’t let the cat out after dinner” (put in place to keep him safe from the many raccoons in the neighborhood). We lost the youngest cat (7) out of our passel of five. It still irks me to this day that the cat didn’t get to finally move up the dominance chain because the other four were all senior cats with health problems and died of those within the next year or two. He could have been top cat over any others we got and I bet he would have liked it.

    • Lauri says:

      We never get over that, do we? Elliot was hit in the road one Sunday while we went to church. I was mad about going to church ever since.
      Mouse, our beautiful steel gray boy, was killed by two stray dogs that came onto our property. He was out in the back 5 acres minding his own business and they killed him. I am glad we have the front 5 acres fenced in, now, but the cats still leave that area.

      • Lauri says:

        Oh poop, what was I saying? They weren’t stray dogs, they were neighbor’s dogs who were allowed to roam. Our dogs don’t roam, especially not since we got our fence!

  4. crankypants says:

    glad she’s back and safe as kittens! or rabbits or whatever that saying is.

  5. lauowolf says:

    small fuzzy family jewels!

    glad she’s safe.

    Doc scared me by missing breakfast last week.
    Went out and called and called.
    Finally heard annoyed responses from rolling garbage bin!
    Tom had left it open overnight and the boy must have been investigating and jostled the lid shut.
    He was very indignant, and slightly damp.
    Many, many grovelling apologies were made.

    • Lauri says:

      I was out the last two days looking in the detached garage, the tractor shed, the hay shed. Looked in all the closets…anywhere a nosy kit might get shut in.

      I’m glad they make it back most of the time.

      • Laurie says:

        I had Tumbleweed accidentally shut in my front hall closet the other night for six hours. I kept waking up, hearing scratching various times through the night, not figuring out what it was till five a.m. He’d been comfy, though, having pulled my down-filled winter parka off its hanger onto the closet floor. It was covered in Tumblefloof in the a.m.

        • Lauri says:

          Oh man! Tumblr was probably thinking “Whu, huh? Can.not.get.out. Zzzzzzzzz.”

          Lol. I’m glad you freed him in the morning!

  6. Good that she’s back! I wonder what stories she has from her adventures. I hope she stays closer to home from now on.

    She looks SO soft. Must…pet…

  7. What a relief! Runaway kitties are such a worry. When my Eliza disappeared for three weeks, people said to me “She’s probably dead.” It turned out she had been hiding under a dumpster at the nearby college, living off of the students’ dining commons throwaways. She had a chicken nugget jones for the longest time, lol. But it frightened the hell out of me because we lived in a city neighborhood and she easily could have been hit by a car or ripped apart by a pit bull. Her vet said cats that are allowed out of the house have only half the lifespan of cats who are kept indoors, so that’s where she stayed for the rest of her life.

  8. geologywoman says:

    Bless! I know you were worried sick – I used to when my Genghis would not come home at night. I would stand at the door and call his name. “Genghis!” I know the neighbours thought I was mad calling Genghis Khan. (my son and his mates used to play x box with the window open, one of their characters was named “my penis” and they would scream it with great glee when my penis was in trouble – the poor neighbours, they were probably so happy when I sold the house – although 2 of my friends bought it and they are big time hippies, LOL.)
    Kitty looks very pretty in the carpet cat tube. Vuvu said to tell you, she would have that tube and eat it in like a day.

  9. Yay, so glad she got home safely!

  10. Lurkertype says:

    This is why I only have indoor kitties. TK’s gotten out once — and never left the yard. Tortie’s gotten out twice and never left the concrete. My heart couldn’t take it, I got stressed over Daddy Moo and he was feral to begin with.

    Previous Kitty used to go out on a leash, which meant he was safe but still picked up various diseases.

    • geologywoman says:

      Here is the UK no ones keeps their kittehs in. Which is a big problem. Why don’t they get it? My neighbour’s cat comes into our garden nightly eats rabbit poo in the compost then barfs and worse even.

  11. LBeeeze says:

    Bad Teagan. I’m sure you were worried sick.

  12. kimkiminy says:

    Maybe she has a boyfriend. Gracie disappeared overnight recently, and that’s our hypothesis.

    • phantomxii says:

      That was my thought too. She has that satisfied look on her face. But, she’ll never tell—because what happens outside stays outside. 🙂

      • Lauri says:

        Lol! You always have the funniest comments, phantom.

        I am now hypothesizing that she might be stalking the sandhill cranes who are nesting in the front yard. She was obsessed with them last year, following the full grown crane around the yard all the time.
        If she approaches their babies she is going to get trounced!

  13. snoringKatZ says:

    Our first ever cat died of feline leukemia. That was all it took for us to make a “no outside cats EVAR” rule. The cats have generally followed that rule except for Nikolas because he was evul and Surely that one time and she refuses to go near the door at all unless it’s at a full gallop to get past it. Methinks m’lady had her fill of the wild life.

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